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Introduction to Angel-Guided Star Creation Sigils™

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Ever wonder or imagine when looking up at the stars shining so bright if you have a star among them? Do you believe that stars are part of our own story to claim and to use to guide us? I was guided by Archangel Uriel to believe that the star nation includes our own personal constellation, our cosmic energetic blueprint, and that many more are created with our words, intentions and thoughts. 

Is it any wonder that this blew my mind? 

I came to believe and have begun my transformation into a greater, expanded reality by embracing my pure, archetype, star essence, and I am answering the call to invest in anyone who also says "Yes!" to this sacred synchronicity opportunity. You are cordially invited to discover your own relationship to Angel-Guided Star Sigils as as a pioneer in what is called the Greater Reality.

Deepen your investment in your story of spirituality; of being a humanitarian; of transforming; of growing; of manifesting; of changing; and of succeeding by becoming one with your own constellation. 

A star sigil is a quantum "warehouse" that combines archetypes, oracle guidance, angel numbers, universal consciousness keys, and intuitive intelligence in one multidimensional star constellation that supports you and your creative becoming.

The ancients believed that astronomical phenomena were connected to terrestrial events.
~From "Star of Bethlehem, Wikipedia

My healing artist palette includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Angel-Guided Star Sigils
Intuitive Intelligence
Muscle Testing
CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination 

What I Offer You In Distance or Office Sessions

What I provide is a mix of personal session time with you, and additional amounts of time off-session performing calculations and creating sigils. Our personal time represents three-four hours (depending upon what's best for you) that may include: 
  • a free 15 minute consultation session (Are We a Match?)
  • an Intuitive Intelligence and Muscle Testing session
    (What We Need To Know)
  • a session to explore the best Angel-Guided Star Sigils™ offer for you
  • a session to review your sigil
  • a Digital Vision Board creative session
  • a CHILL - Chumpi Illumination session
Approximately three (3) hours is spent calculating, creating, and interpreting your sigil. You receive it via a link to view and download it. Future follow-up sessions are scheduled if needed on a per hour payment basis.

Here are a some options for you, although star sigils are determined based upon individual need beyond what you see offered below.  

I'm investing in you:
  • The "A Star Is Born" Star Sigil: What chosen name reflects your essential star essenceYour Investment = $250 (Call for consultation)
  • The Imagination-Creation (Business or Project) Star Sigil (Value = $2200)
    My Investment = $1700 | Your Investment = $250
  • The Intention Alignment Star Sigil (Value = $1500)
    My Investment = $1200 | Your Investment = $150
SPECIAL OFFER for Women As Visionaries with Lore Raymond "Soul Share Saturday" participants (June 21, 2014): "Like" The Healing Artist Studio page on Facebook (see widget on right-hand side of this blog) and email or call me to set up a consultation and claim your $50 discount for your star sigil. 

Note: The Angel-Guided Star Sigils offers continue to evolve as I receive more angel guidance since they are dynamic forms, and more is emerging. I reserve the right to make changes as required to what I offer for the Highest Benefit.

What is a Sigil? Sigils are considered the marks of angels, deities, and other entities, and are archetypes, conduits for great creative quantum energy. My angel guides gave me a sigil calculation formula by which to convert words (names and sentences) into quantum energy-powered star constellations using sigils.

What is Intuitive Intelligence? Intuitive intelligence is a deep, instantaneous, inner feeling or inner knowing; a form of divine communication from one's highest consciousness, frequency or Self. It's been described as a gut feeling that may be associated with sounds or feelings in the body that confirm it.

What is Muscle Testing? Muscle testing is another way to describe Health Kinesiology™, which is a bio-energetics methodology that uses the body’s muscular system to find out information by asking questions to help make dramatic life changes.

What is CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination? CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination is an innovative art and science practice in which sacred stones that embody 12 Keys of Universal Consciousness and Universal Matrix Architecture are used in healing. CHILL™ is taught at The Mystery School in New York State.

The Clients | The Studio's ideal clients are arts and entertainment professionals, healing arts professionals, and anyone who is commited to boldly go beyond the familiar into new the Greater Reality creative territory with me investing in your decision. 

The Referrals | The Studio pays 15% for referrals that become clients.
I am a person who has healed significantly from cycles of addiction beyond the 12-Steps, and emotional, mental and sexual child abuse by both a male and female through recognizing them as parts of my story. The journey continues.

NOTE: Valerie Michele, Angel Guided, Star Sigil Interpretation: Archetype Energy: The Gold Detector, The Camel, The Earth Worm, The Star Sharer. Rune Oracle Energy: Isa, Nauthiz, Gebo, and reversed Ansuz. Angel Number Energy: 99. Universal Consciousness Energy: Oneness is the Key to Self Love Awakening

Love, peace, and star light,

Valerie Michele

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  "The Creator determines the number of stars
and calls them each by name."
Psalm 147:4
(Special thank you to Cara Marie for sharing this quote with me.)

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