Thursday, September 3, 2015

GIFTS is a Top Story in Romance, Short Story Literature on Booktracks (Books with Soundtracks: Reinventing Reading)

By Valerie Michele Oliver
A potential romantic dinner turns tense during the Christmas holiday season when some unfortunate words are spoken. Will love rise to the occasion? 

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"A beautiful short story."
—Priyanka Seth, Editor, Star Scribes

“It gave me chills. I appreciate all the details you included. I did feel the love as they both did what they could to honor the other. Beautiful!"
Angel-Rose Coen, Divine Guide/Healer/Author, Beyond Illuminated

"It is a touching reminder of how we so easily let petty, unimportant thoughts obscure the pure love that ought to be our focus. I thought back to times when ego took over when my husband presented me with a meal made in the way of his country, and I insisted that the way of mine was more refined or sophisticated or natural, and I spoiled an occasion to enjoy together something that was made with love. Now, I've learned to curtail those knee-jerk impulses to criticize and it happens less often.
Your story would make a great short film." 

Annie MacDonald, Screenwriter/Director at Cinemannie Productions

“Wow, what a storyteller you are, Valerie Michele! This could be a mini-movie! It reminded me that to allow words to "hurt me" by taking something personally erodes my happiness . . . Spirit does have a sense of timing and humor?” 
Lore Raymond, Entrepreneur/Writer, Women As Visionaries

"This story really reminded me of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry, but where his tale is about a newly married couple [Gifts] is about what seems to be a first date gone awry -- as they often seem to do . . . It’s just occurred to me that the two characters aren’t named in the story, which I didn’t really mind, in fact it kind of added to the universal nature of the story."
Hope Hammond, Freelance Editor 

"I have just read your story, and found it... how to put this... having been in a serious relationship for some time, I can see exactly how the characters are fighting over a trivial matter that is in the end just that: trivial and unimportant in the larger scheme of things. For that reason, I found it not only touching but also real, and amusing in that way that makes you smile for the irony of life."
Carrie White, Managing Editor, Glass House Press

About "Gifts"
"Gifts" is one of the stories in a planned book of short stories. It's actually a component of a memoir project, Sarah's Last Words, that's been in development since 2009. 

"Gifts" was created using a comprehensive, interactive storytelling platform that allows anyone to create a soundtrack (music, ambient effects and sound effects/SFX)! BOOKTRACK. It truly is an innovative way to reinvent reading.  

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"Gifts" has received excellent reviews, was featured in the e-newsletter of the Booktrack company, has been featured on Booktrack's Home page, and made it into the Top 10 of the Booktrack Library in the romance and short story genre.

"Gifts" is also available for purchase as a PDF file to send to your loved one as a gift! Read this sweet story with a timeless message for anyone trying to be real about who they are while taking a chance on romance.
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