Saturday, December 3, 2016

Storytelling & Other Content Reinvented with Movie-Style Soundtracks ("Gifts": Top Short Story Reading In 4 Categories)

Gifts: A potential new relationship turns tense when some unfortunate words are spoken on a first date. 

 #1 Spiritual Category
#1 Spiritual Short Story Category
Top 10 Romance Short Story Category

Revised Story, New Soundtrack, 
New Book Cover & Reviews!


"Gifts is a profound lesson about the importance of knowing when to graciously accept someone's kind gestures. This short story is a tightly interwoven package of dialogue and narration that pulls you into it intellectually to fully understand the silent emotional energy being transmitted between the two main characters."
Joey Pinkney, Award-winning Author & Book Reviewer

"A beautiful short story."
—Priyanka Seth, Editor, Star Scribes

"Love the new cover! :-)"
Chazz Hill-Hayr, Director of Audio, Booktrack

GIFTS has received over 900 engagements/reads.
Imagine the possibilities for your projects.


A Booktrack is content with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack. It's a new way to experience creative storytelling, essays, poetry, screenplays, and other formats utilizing the integration of text, music, ambient and special effect sounds to reinvent reading and engage people into a unique experience with content. Do it yourself or hire someone familiar with the Booktrack Studio to create your story or other content.

Instructions for Reading: 
  • 1) Press the PLAY button on the eBook cover. 
  • 2) Click the arrow on the right side of the page to turn the pages.  
  • 3) Use the (-) and (+) symbols on the bottom of the page to slow down or speed up the soundtrack to synchronize better with how fast or slow you read.  
  • 4) Use the Audio icon to lower the soundtrack (or MUTE the sound if you prefer to read it the traditional way). 
  • 4) You can experiment with the other symbols on the bottom of the page.  
SHARE the direct link to "Gifts" that can be read at the Booktrack website (plus other books):

"Gifts" is slated to be adapted into a short film. I am having fun imagining my wish list for the music soundtrack. Thank you to Dame Judith Dench for BOTH of these songs after hearing her Desert Island Disc choices on the BBC show of the same name (and to my friend, Stephen in the U.K., who introduced me to this delightful, insightful program). Immediately, I thought of the couple, their relationship, their love story.

"All Right, Okay, You Win"
Count Basie & Joe Williams
From the album, "Count Basie At Newport"

"Losing My Mind" - Follies
From the 1971 Original Broadway Cast Recording
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim  

"Gifts" will become available to purchase in the future so read it for free now (plus other books using the Booktrack studio platform). The "Gifts" Booktrack eBook will remain free, as a giveaway, as a GIFT is meant to be with no attachments or expectations of any financial return or exchange. I hope you enjoy it!

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