Thursday, November 10, 2016

Turn Your Love My Way: Every Day As Thanksgiving Sharing and Gratitude

Turkey Power Animal Medicine (Giving, Giveaway)

Now that the deep duality that exists within us has been brought more fully into the light, it seems appropriate to remember our common values that this holiday inspires in personal and very practical ways.

Last year, I did not expect Thanksgiving to be celebrated in the usual way. Typically, it's been shared with my family (my two sisters, my brother, my aunt, my nieces and nephews who live in New Jersey). However, it was the first year that my brother (who died in January 2014) was not with us, and my aunt who died in 2013 would not be at the table, and my mother, and grandmothers, plus many other family and friends who have died many years ago are also passed on.

Instead, I spent it in Pennsylvania with a good and unconditional loving friend of mine, Holly, who I had been longing to see and spend time with for a while; and despite best laid plans for what to share doing on Thanksgiving, the Creator (God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Higher Power/Jehovah/Allah) had something else in store for us--though we didn't know what it would be. So I was set to expect the unexpected.

Our plan was to be of service by working in a soup kitchen or a shelter serving food to people who can't afford a traditional Thanksgiving spread for themselves or their families. Well, we learned that all the places serving food had all the volunteers they needed. This is good news! This had me thinking about the origin, the beginnings of what has become a national U.S. holiday, and how it's about SHARING and GRATITUDE.

Crow Power Animal Medicine (Sacred Law)
I'm thinking now about anyone who may be feeling low or sad about not being able to sit at a table in the traditional way on this holiday, because self-pity and guilt was beginning to snap at my heels because I wasn't celebrating with my birth family, and Holly and I were not needed to prepare and/or serve dinner as we planned. The image that the Creator awakened me to that Thanksgiving morning, was me sharing a piece/crumb/morsel of multi-grain bread with a crow. For those unfamiliar with animal spirit medicine, the CROW represents THE MESSENGER, SACRED LAW (and TURKEY represents GIVING, SHARED BLESSINGS, SACRIFICE). In that moment, I realized that nothing is too great or too small to share whether it's funding, housing, a ride, listening, food, a smile, a story, a free haircut (see post with video about Mark Bustoswhatever I have to share with any creature that is open to receiving the love that I turn their way (and that is turned mine. ALWAYS, 100% by my Creator).

In this spirit, I want to share with you a song and some words that I received from D.K. Brainard, a man I really like a whole lot, in his e-newsletter that he sent out with his own take on Thanksgiving last year titled, Miracles and Gratitude. Thank you D.K.! (Listen to D.K. as a guest on The Healing Artist Studio Project's Radio Channel. It's a podcast titled, "The Greater Reality: Soul Healing and More". Some highlights include: What has been the most challenging concept for us to accept in the Greater Reality consciousness? How close are we as adults to our childhood career dreams? Is "not being enough" an aspect of spiritual consumerism?)

Also, I remember one person I spoke with at one of the shelters on Thanksgiving sharing with me the fact that they have a great need for people to help prepare and serve food EVERYDAY, not just on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. So this year, a friend and I are planning to volunteer on days other than the holidays.

Happy "Everyday is" Thanksgiving! Thanks to you all for what you've shared with me, and thanks to Godd, who for me, all blessings flow in one way or another.

But I love Thanksgiving because it's so easy for me to forget to be grateful for all the blessings in my life. The holiday itself is about food and relaxation and the fact that Life offers us lots of help - including from people we've never met and may never see again - if we're open to receiving it. I believe on some level the Native Americans knew what the white man was bringing their way. But Pocahontas and her tribe had compassion on the poor, suffering pilgrims anyway. 

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