Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Just a quick post here today to let you know that my father died yesterday morning (January 18, 1933 - November 23, 2015). He passed away peacefully in the nursing home in which he resided. I am so grateful for loving family and friends, and plan to post something about my dad here in the future. My family thanks you in advance for your condolences, prayers, and well wishes for us.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Magical Music Moments: Nataly Dawn & Dawn Kallevig (Her Mom) Singing "Wild Horses"

Credit: FanPop.com
Simply magical. Love these tears in my eyes. It's like I'm hearing it for the first time. I'm so grateful for Nataly Dawn posting this video of her and your mom singing together. The ties that bind and endure. Dedicating this to Lisa Renee Andrews (my former business manager & friend who was murdered last year after Thanksgiving, and whose birthday is today).

Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones - Nataly Dawn & mom
In case you were wondering where I learned everything I know. My mom and I did this piano vocal arrangement of Wild Horses. She's an incredible pianist, arranger and vocalist (and mom). When I was growing up we would sit at the piano and do this all the time. It's because of her that music is such a huge part of my life.To support my music: http://www.patreon.com/natalydawnWild Horses - by The Rolling Stones - performed by Nataly Dawn and Dawn Kallevig
Posted by Nataly Dawn on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nataly Dawn uploaded a new video: November 5 at 7:51pm ·
In case you were wondering where I learned everything I know. My mom and I did this piano vocal arrangement of Wild Horses. She's an incredible pianist, arranger and vocalist (and mom). When I was growing up we would sit at the piano and do this all the time. It's because of her that music is such a huge part of my life.

To support my music: http://www.patreon.com/natalydawn
Wild Horses - by The Rolling Stones - performed by Nataly Dawn and Dawn Kallevig

Support Nataly and her music!

Friday, November 20, 2015

I Am Definitely Not Perfect by Cassie Parks, Money Maven (Guest Blogger)

Cassie Parks, Money Maven
The Healing Artist Studio Project welcomes Cassie Parks, a coach, author, radio program host, and creator of  the "Money, Money, Money" course. As I recall, I discovered Cassie through a Facebook friend's post inviting friends to participate in a course she is taking (and this is the part that grabbed my attention) that offers clients the option of paying for the course AFTER they manifest the bucks! What? Did I read that right? So I read it again. Yes. I did read it right. Cassie suggested that client's pay 10% of the income they receive as a result of taking her course as an exchange for service. Immediately, I registered.

Check Out the Book!
Later, I decided to wait since I realized that in the excitement of the moment, I forgot my commitment to focus on giving myself time to deal with the PTSD fallout that has interfered with my success to fully reap the benefits of the many other programs, mentor relationships, courses, seminars, and groups in which I have participated since the early 2000s. I asked my Creator to help me stay on track with all that is before me now, and in the meantime, to act as a "Curator" by sharing what Cassie offers (See "The Healing Artist Studio Project: It's What?" and "Child Abuse PTSD Survivor: Never Thought That I Would Be Healed and Changed By This Blog"). A few days after making the decision to postpone getting into something new, I received a letter via email from Cassie about her not being perfect. I find her letter about not being perfect to be--well--perfect. She agreed to share it here as a guest blogger.

Dear Valerie,

I am definitely not perfect. 

Recently, I published a blog post with a typo in the title. Someone pointed it out in a comment on Facebook. Honestly, I had to look at it for a few minutes before I saw it. I haven’t changed it yet. I’m human, and to be human means I’m not perfect. I am never going to be and thank goddess I stopped thinking that was the only way I would be valued.

Not that many years ago, I was a perfectionist. I would work really hard and try my best to be perfect. Be the perfect employee. Make the perfect life choices. Work until I got something perfect.

But I never got it. Trust me, I look for typos and even when I spent hours looking, I would miss them. Typos is also a symbol for everything in my life. One day I decided I was going to be happy instead of perfect. It was like a weight lifted and I could finally start enjoying my life instead of feeling like I had to wait until I was perfect. I decided to love myself even though I am far from perfect.

When I saw that comment I thought about running over and changing it, but I wanted to do something more fun. Then I remember thinking, “Remember when that comment would cause a sinking feeling in your stomach and you would feel like a failure for a couple days?” It’s really good not to have that feeling anymore, especially because if you’re that hard on yourself about the little things, like a typo the big things feel really, really bad.

This week alone I sent a $10,000 payment to the wrong credit card, and sent a wire that was short $1000 to purchase some real estate. The $10,000 went to an account that doesn’t even exist anymore. Seriously, I could have beaten myself up for days about that. My hunch is because I didn’t that the problem was relatively easy to solve. And shorting that wire is going to cost me another hour in the bank to send another wire, but that’s ok too.

Seriously, I could have beat myself up big time in the past week. The truth is, I could probably find reasons to beat myself up every single day, but that sucks. I’m glad I have chosen to be happy instead of perfect. I wish the same for you. Go easy on yourself today, tomorrow and always. It took practice to be able to let go of the things that I didn’t do perfect. Now that I have made a habit of it, it’s a lot easier.

Be really, really good to yourself today.


P.S. I totally adore the person who made the comment and I know she was just trying to help me out.
P.S.S Have you listened to the latest episode of Manifest it Now? It's about vibrational set points.
Click here to listen.

Spiral Up LLC/Loving Yourself Univ/CassieParks.com
1020 15th St. #22A
Denver, CO
(720) 231-5213

Please note that the "Money, Money, Money" course gets offered at different times during the year, and the most recent course has concluded. You can email Cassie about future courses, "Manifest It Now" episodes, requests to interview her on your show, her book, and other services she offers.

Thank you, Cassie!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Healing Artist Studio Project: It's What?

While in the process of inviting people to be guest bloggers for What's Up, Twelve?, a question came up about what I do: what is The Healing Artist Studio Project? Are you a art therapist, a practitioner, a coach, a mentor, energy worker, a spiritual counselor? What is your modality? Good questions. I've been grappling with it for years now, trying to discover how I can fit myself into the new forms and paradigms and practices for mind, body, spirit and soul wellness in which I see many of my friends and colleagues having settled into (and some still exploring?). Ones into which, no matter how hard I tried to fit into comfortably, they just didn't work for me after all the schooling, seminars, workshops, mentors, consultations, special healing and writing groups.  

My Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) issues began to kick-up big time, and it began to seem to me that everyone else had found their groove, receiving financial income at it to boot, while I was stuck frustrated and wondering if I'm the only one having this experience (including not at peace with the current solutions of how best to BRAND for success). So, I have to stop worrying about it.

The Four Directions Combination Cocktail (Shaking Rattle Now!)
This situation has lead me to pray, meditate, contemplate and reach into my healing artist palette for some direction. I dip my brush into a few colors on my palette, mix them together, and four factors (direction resources) come into view:
  • (1) my experiences with using the Chumpi stones (CHILL Illumination) taught at Sacred Center's Mystery School to transform negative experiences into allies and transcend negativity;

  • (2) a spiritual principle I learned from Recoveries Anonymous, a unique, spiritual-based 12 step program that says, "You will not wish to shut the door on your past (including negative experiences) for you will begin to see how your experiences can benefit others" [I'm para-phrasing here though I put it in quotes for emphasis] and a proven solution to become recovered by a total restoration to sanity that no human power can provide";
  • (3) another experience with CHILL that helped me to come to know that the Power greater than myself that no human can provide (The Creator) is within me; and
  • (4) a return to my childhood to revisit what sparked and held my interest and passion before traumatic incidences that lead to my PTSD took root.
  • Also, the blog posts of D.K. Brainard encouraged me to know that I'm not alone since he has also been grappling with his gifts as a singer/songwriter/musician/astrologer/coach-therapist for the soul.
When I Grow Up I Wanna Be
As a child, my imagination, wonder, and passion was fired by the arts, mystical and spiritual phenomena. I wanted to be a visual artist. I loved books. I loved writing. I loved watching TV and films. I loved the theater. I was raised by strong, deeply spiritual African-American women (of African, Turtle Island/American Indigenous, English, and Welsh descent) who believed in being of service to their communities, of having a social impact during the turbulent times in which they lived by effecting change person-to-person, and at other times in mass quantities.

During times when I was being abused and developing PTSD, angels protected me in ways that helped me to transcend those tragic moments in real-time. They are my hero. There's so much more to say about this, but I'll be using the award-winning Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project to write about some of those experiences as soon as I get the green light to act on the courage the Creator is giving me to try help others, even though it's uncomfortable (i.e., the PTSD symptom of fearing what others may say or do to hurt me). Suffice it to say that I wanted to still have a relationship with the angels as I began to grow up: I wanted to be a hero like they were to me (and still are).

So with all this said, is the description written at the top of this blog true? The answer: Yes. It is.

Angel-Guided Star Sigil for
Television Series
Back to It's What?
The Healing Artist Studio Project is a MULTI-MEDIA artist with a healing intent. My vision as an artist has me creating and using a MULTI-MEDIA palette: writing, films, TV, theater, visual art energetic mystical forms like Angel-Guided Star Sigils, music; visual, energetic forms like Chumpi stones; spiritual counseling as an ordained minister (Universal Life Church); custom vision plans for those guided my way; radio events; and serving as a CURATOR for others who have healing intentions through The Healing Artist Studio blog, the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project blog, The Healing Artist Studio Project Channel, and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). 

What The Healing Artist Studio Project does now is whatever (whenever) the Creator--my Greater Reality--guides me to accomplish through acting in service as a "Co-Creator", "Lightbearer", "Messenger", "Pipe Carrier", "Leader", "Writer", "Filmmaker", "Producer", "Director", "Songwriter", "Entrepreneur", "Investor", and "Healer" through the art and architecture of creation and spirituality; as I become healed and directed by the Creator.

Life (and I as a artist and human being) are always in a state of change. The Healing Artist Studio Project is no different. I can't stop changing, healing, re-arranging, adapting, questioning, exploring, growing until the day I take my final breath on this earth. My Creator is getting through to me loud and clear, that I will always be a work in progress--and so it is with The Healing Artist Studio Project. I appreciate those of you who support me (or this entity), care to share as guest bloggers, or perhaps are just curious to stay tuned as well. Also thank you to those of you who have recommended people to me as a practitioner who helped others when I had an office to do so. I'm grateful to have been valued for being of service in the past as a "hands on" healing artist with clients. At this point (for the most part), I am referring people to others providing services in my network, and will be sharing who they are, the part they have played in my life, and continue to offer guest blogging opportunities as a "curator."

*Subscribe to the posts or Subscribe via Email (located on right column under Popular Posts).

Visit my profile on LinkedIn for a comprehensive list of the projects and their status. I will begin to share more about them here at this blog in the future (as much as I can due to confidentiality agreements), and include how you may become a co-creator (cast, crew, investor, or producer or as a project member in some other capacity) along with others who support them.

In the words of the child character, Tiny Tim, in the story A Christmas Carol written by Mr. Charles Dickens . . . "God bless us, Everyone."


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Thursday, November 12, 2015

VALentines (Healing Testimonials)

“A brilliant healing artist."

"I would like to thank Valerie Michele for helping me and starting my healing process. My husband recently booked several sessions for me with her after witnessing me falling further and further into a depression. It turned out to be the best gift he has ever given me . . . (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Dona Dec, Controller

"Inspiring . . . Motivational . . . Unbelievable . . . Wonderful . . . Life-transforming . . . Healing . . . Multidimensional . . . Open . . . Safe . . . Thought-provoking . . . Fun!"
-- Words people have used to describe Val's events

"As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I can attest that Val Oliver is a compassionate healer with integrity and expertise. Don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of her healing services. Blessings and positive energy to you all!"
-- Dr. Kathy Jordan, Author of Becoming a Life Change Artist, Creative Coach/Consultant 

"Just completed my CHILL session and I was blown away. Resolved and understood something that has been a source of confusion and a block to completing my book. Val assisted in the connecting with one of my guides. He had a special message for me and was a source of comfort which circled back to the source of my initial confusion. All of this in 30 minutes or so." (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Sue Birkam, Business Coach, Freedom Life Coaching Company

"I have found our sessions to be very worthwhile, and am looking forward to the next phone call. I endorse, from experience, Valerie Michele as a talented and caring Healing Artist for those that want a deeper exploration."
-- Stacie Flint, Visual Artist

"Thanks Val. Your particular INSIGHT, as always, is ON POINT."
-- Christopher Dean Sullivan, The Artisan Bassist (Musician)

"You are so humble Val. When I looked at your blog, I was like WOW! This Sister is sharing the ancient spiritual life sciences in a beautiful way . . . You are helping to shift the shape of things from negative to positive energized vibrations and that is what LOVE and HEALING is ALL about."
-- Dwayne Sonni Nixon El (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Poet, International Businessman)

"You are a very warm and authentic person--it is so refreshing. I feel inspired by your optimism, enthusiasm, and how driven you are to actualize dreams."
-- Dr. Heather Gillman (Psychologist)

"Val, you just made me cry as I was lamenting to my girl that I have been searching for just one person to get me. Gracious thanks, from my heart of hearts."
--  PatriCia Malia, Sound Healer, Hanta Yo Sound Healing

"You are a gifted soul who possesses an incredible zest and talent for living. Even the simplest of events--waiting on line to pay a cable bill, a passing conversation on the street--become joyful happenings with you! Your beautiful smile and focused gaze make me know that you're really hearing me, listening to me, appreciating me. I feel compelled to just be myself, honestly, with you."
-- Jonathan Dobin, Fine Artist (Music & Visual)

"You always say exactly what I need to hear!"
-- Christie

"Hey Val,  I wanted to let you know that I was still feeling very congested yesterday, as if I still had the cold. I was telling my friends at work yesterday that I was going to finally break down and go to doctor but after your session last night, I felt much better, and today I am feeling a big difference. I think it's what I needed to finally get this nasty congestion and negative feeling out of my body!  Thank you!"
-- Kathy Kerr

Monday, November 9, 2015

What's Up, Twelve?: Numerology & the Number 12 (3) by Stefanie Campione (Guest Blogger)

The Healing Artist Studio Project welcomes guest blogger, Stefanie Campione of Stefanina's Numerology! Stefanina describes what she offers as "Spirit Centered Readings, Coaching and Consulting". The majority of her clients are women in transition, who need career and relationship answers and guidance. 

In October, I was happy to introduce her book, The Power of Numerology: A Guidebook To Discover the Unknown You, that debuted on Amazon.com in the Top Ten of New Book Releases. The post includes an interview conducted on The Healing Artist Studio Project's radio channel. The women who received readings on the radio described her work as "Accurate" . . . "Amazing!" . . . . "I'm Speechless" . . . so without further ado, here's Stefanina's contribution to the question for November: What's Up, Twelve? (view the original post that led to exploring 12, that includes the interview with her in action!).

What's Up, Twelve? Numerology & the Number 12 (3) 
by Stefanie Campione, Stefanina's Numerology

One Plus Two Equals Three (1+2=3)
Can You Say Intuitive to the Third Power?
In numerology the 12 takes on three (3) energies: One (1) energy is about being the leader, boss, idea person, innovator and a little nasty. It's very intuitive. Two (2) energy is the power behind the power, the brains, the heart, kind and patient, but can be a (luna)tic at times. Also, it is an intuitive number. Three (3) energy is the lover, communicator, the one who doesn’t like to plan, lives for today, and enjoys the finer things in life. The three (3) energy can be very cranky at times and everyone around them will feel it. It joins one (1) and two (2) as an intuitive number. The number 12/3 holds the energy of self love.

One, Two, Three, Baby You and Me
The number one (1) is male dominant. The number two (2) is female dominant. The number three (3) is created when the one (1) and the two (2) are joined together. Therefore, the two (2, coupling) and three (3, creating) are love numbers.

Click here to Purchase (Five Stars)
Twelve is a Number of Completion and Spirituality
There is one common factor to the number 12 whether it is associated with chakras, the calendar, biblical, or numerology; this number is the number of completion. If you see the number 12 all around you, the universe is showing you it’s time to turn over a new leaf by wrapping it up, it’s done, it’s over, get a move on.

People with a 12 birth day, or destiny, or personality or attitude are very spiritual and have the ability to co-create; because you enjoy being the leader as well as working with a team. If you are born on the 12th day, you are usually the center of attention, are adaptable, energetic and professional in your work. You are perceptive when it comes to dealing with other people; you can see right through them.

Twelve (12) people are family conscious and are open and friendly, wearing your heart on your sleeve.  At times you can be very shy. Number 12 represents education on all levels, requiring the submission of the will as well as the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom for your Spirit and Intellect.

Put it all together and you are someone who is meant to stand out, stand up and be noticed, be your own boss, lead by example, learn to ask for help, and have no problem saying what is on your mind. You need to use your heart in all you do and limit the time you stay in you head.  Love the work you do to the point where the money feels like it’s a reward for doing what you truly love.

Depending on the placement of 12 in your chart, you can be very faithful, loyal and honest.

In closing, I would like to say that the number 12 is a powerful, loving, spiritual, intuitive number.

If you have calculated your numerology numbers and discovered you have a 12/3 in your core numbers or attitude, the information provided in this article is a general interpretation and should not take the place of a professional numerology reading.  It is however a good place to begin and discover the unknown you…


So now, after reading this post, I see the number 12 as sealing the deal. Yeah, completing the form, a powerful spiritual form with a lot of clout whether it is 12 Disciples, 12 Astrology Signs, 12 Chumpi stones, 12 Chakras, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Ideals, 12 Months, Angel Number 12, or 12 (fill in the blank).

Become informed and grow with Stefanina by gifting yourself what she offers via her web site and by purchasing her new book, The Power of Numerology: A Guidebook To Discover the Unknown You (Five Star Rating). The holidays are just around the corner. Blessings and Namaste.

Thank you, Stefanina!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turn Your Love My Way: Every Day As Thanksgiving Sharing and Gratitude

Turkey Power Animal Medicine (Giving, Giveaway)
Last year, I did not expect Thanksgiving to be celebrated in the usual way. Typically, it's been shared with my family (my two sisters, my brother, my aunt, my nieces and nephews who live in New Jersey). However, it was the first year that my brother (who died in January 2014) was not with us, and my aunt who died in 2013 would not be at the table, and my mother, and grandmothers, plus many other family and friends who have died many years ago are also passed on.

Instead, I spent it in Pennsylvania with a good and unconditional loving friend of mine, Holly, who I had been longing to see and spend time with for a while; and despite best laid plans for what to share doing on Thanksgiving, the Creator (God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Higher Power/Jehovah/Allah) had something else in store for us--though we didn't know what it would be. So I was set to expect the unexpected.

Our plan was to be of service by working in a soup kitchen or a shelter serving food to people who can't afford a traditional Thanksgiving spread for themselves or their families. Well, we learned that all the places serving food had all the volunteers they needed. This is good news! This had me thinking about the origin, the beginnings of what has become a national U.S. holiday, and how it's about SHARING and GRATITUDE.

I'm thinking now about anyone who may be feeling low or sad about not being able to sit at a table in the traditional way on this holiday, because self-pity and guilt was beginning to snap at my heels because I wasn't celebrating with my birth family, and Holly and I were not needed to prepare and/or serve dinner as we planned. The image that the Creator awakened me to that Thanksgiving morning, was me sharing a piece/crumb/morsel of multi-grain bread with a crow. For those unfamiliar with animal spirit medicine, the Crow represents The Messenger, Sacred Law. In that moment, I realized that nothing is too great or too small to share whether it's funding, housing, a ride, listening, food, a smile, a story, a free haircut (see post with video about Mark Bustoswhatever I have to share with any creature that is open to receiving the love that I turn their way (and that is turned mine. ALWAYS, 100% by my Creator).

In this spirit, I want to share with you a song and some words that I received this D.K. Brainard, a man I really like a whole lot, in his e-newsletter that he sent out with his own take on Thanksgiving last year titled, Miracles and Gratitude. Thank you D.K.! (Listen to D.K. as a guest on The Healing Artist Studio Project's Radio Channel. It's a podcast titled, "The Greater Reality: Soul Healing and More". Some highlights include: What has been the most challenging concept for us to accept in the Greater Reality consciousness? How close are we as adults to our childhood career dreams? Is "not being enough" an aspect of spiritual consumerism?)

Also, I remember one person I spoke with at one of the shelters on Thanksgiving sharing with me the fact that they have a great need for people to help prepare and serve food EVERYDAY, not just on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. So this year, a friend and I are planning to volunteer on days other than the holidays.

Happy "Everyday is" Thanksgiving! Thanks to you all for what you've shared with me, and thanks to Godd, who for me, all blessings flow in one way or another.

But I love Thanksgiving because it's so easy for me to forget to be grateful for all the blessings in my life. The holiday itself is about food and relaxation and the fact that Life offers us lots of help - including from people we've never met and may never see again - if we're open to receiving it. I believe on some level the Native Americans knew what the white man was bringing their way. But Pocahontas and her tribe had compassion on the poor, suffering pilgrims anyway. 

Photo Credit: http://allaboutbirds.org

Sunday, November 1, 2015

UPDATE: What's Up, Twelve?

Chumpi Stones from Peru
The original date on which I published this post was October 19th. I couldn't stop thinking about the number 12 and various connections to it (12 Disciples, 12 Chumpis, 12 Seeds of Faith, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts, 12 Ideals, 12 Star Sigils, Angel Number 12, 12 __________ (fill in the blank). Usually, when something keeps entering my consciousness and my senses begin to become flooded with something, I know I must pay attention. My personal understanding is that the Creator (my Greater Reality) is trying to get through to me, and wants me to pray, meditate, contemplate, and perhaps DO something concerning: What's Up, Twelve? Also, I had a strong sense to invite people in my network to be a part of whatever this was becoming. 

This all led to inviting friends by text, email, and Facebook to be guest bloggers here for the month of November. I am connected to many gifted and talented people who could easily share their thoughts, experiences, stories, and creations about 12, but most are quite busy with full work schedules, don't see how this fits into what they are doing, and November was so very close. I'm happy to say that a few of them will be guest bloggers this month about the 12 (or something entirely different they want share with you and me). They are in the process of planning what they want to write. Me too! I'm not certain what I will be writing, photographing, singing, drawing, or videotaping.

Blog posts are scheduled to be made on Mondays and Fridays this month. 

A few stats for ya . . .

- Pageviews last month: 860+

- Pageviews by country (Top 5):
1) USA
2) Russia
3) Germany
4) Slovakia
5) France

While in the process of inviting people, a question came up about what I do: what is The Healing Artist Studio Project? Are you a therapist or a practitioner? In what modalities do you work? Good questions. I've been grappling with it for years now, and at this point in time, I do have a response for them, you, and me (Stayed tuned during November for a post titled: The Healing Artist Studio Project: It's What?).

Who are you? Well, I don't know who you all are but I do know in what countries most of you reside. Recently, I learned that most of you who visited this blog last month are from the USA and Russia (the Top Two countries) followed by 3) Germany, 4) Slovakia and 5) Portugal.


In the words of the child character, Tiny Tim, in the story A Christmas Carol written by Mr. Charles Dickens . . . "God bless us, Everyone."

Monday, October 26, 2015

Archangel Sachiel and Archangel Zadkiel Get Mixed Up! | And so it is . . .

Archangel Sachiel. Some of the energies that are said to be associated with this archangel are: Power, legal and commercial transactions, financial speculation, acquisition of wealth, marriage, education, religion, protect travelers, foster friendships, preserve health, banish anxiety, establish sympathy, business, fame, gambling, greed, growth, expansion, honor, leadership, money, parties, politics, responsibility, royalty, success, and visions. Love the color energies of purple, violet and gold. For some reason, I always feel this angel as feminine. I was mixing them up. Image Credit: http://cresentmoon2007.hubpages.com

Blessings and gratitude to the Queen of Angels in my life, and to my mother, Sarah, who loved her so dearly. Harmony, serenity, joy, and peace be with you.

Archangel Zadkiel as the DIVINE COMFORTER bestows beneficent wisdom upon us, allowing clear vision to take place over the obstacles that perpetuate the self-limiting beliefs we may hold – the impediments that stop us from enjoying spiritual abundance. This exquisite Archangel, who governs the Tenth Chakra, and who arises from Uranus, teaches us to trust in God’s utter benevolence and guidance – to yield and let God comfort us. 

Zadkiel not only shows us what needs to be brought forth into the light to be healed, but also clarifies how to intuitively heal it, which brings gratitude and security. Image Credit. theangelsofatlantis.com 

These images are included on the Loving My Wholeness Pinterest page. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

To Live in Love and Trust Again

Kerry Chandler
I awakened to this song this morning while praying, meditating, and contemplating. I've been working on a vision, a marketing plan for a client, and we meet this evening to review it. Even though I am secure in my sense of the direction in which to guide her based on the time we've shared and the review of her current website, I've been further guided to trust and share with her this song the Creator placed in my consciousness to enhance the golden vision and plan even more. Thanks to Kerry Chandler (The Maestro of House) and the vocalist, Treasa Fennie (a Treasure) for the message: to live in love and trust again. Kerry is living in them through his music.

Get ready to grab your tambourine, dance, and make a joyful noise!

Here are the intro lyrics to "Heal My Heart" -- Kerry Chandler featuring Treasa Fennie.

Wake up in the morning just to pray.
I give thanks to see another day.
No matter how hard I try,
To leave the past behind,
Only time will heal the pain,
Please hear me when I'm praising your name.
I used to see the world through innocent eyes,
But loving you has made me realize,
There's a greater love, a greater peace, in my life.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Power of Numerology Is Top 10 In New Book Releases. Listen to Author Stefanie Campione In Action.

"Accurate" . . . "Amazing!" . . . . "I'm Speechless" . . . These are some of the words callers used to describe the numerology analysis they received in this podcast of a edited previous live program featuring STEFANIE CAMPIONE.

Now, congratulations to Stefanie, whose new book release debut of "The Power of Numerology: A Guidebook to Discover the Unknown You" has been holding #1 (Print) and #2 (Kindle) in Amazon's Hot New Releases.

You can hear her as as a special guest when she appeared on The Healing Artist Studio Project's blog talk radio channel helping others through knowing their numbers. Stefanie used the power of numbers to chart life events, romantic compatibility, career direction, and insights into the caller's personalities to help create their new storiesEvery reading she conducted for callers ended with hearty and sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Healing Artist Studio Project on BlogTalkRadio

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How Chumpi Stones Are Made and How They Impact The Healing Artist Studio Project

Video Credit: Eleanora Amendolara, Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

Today I will CHILL. I will use Chumpi Illumination (CHILL) as one of the resources for healing those stubborn patterns that are so deeply entrenched, or to make peace with owning my current limitations with love. Here's a short and sweet video on how the Chumpi stones are made in Peru. They are the connectors to the star nation, the Greater Reality, and 12 states of consciousness that are keys to the process of becoming.  

CHILL is a healing system developed by my friend Eleanora Amendolara of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, and is part of the curriculum taught at her two-year healing arts program at The Mystery School in Warwick, NY.
I am grateful to have two different sets of Chumpi stones that I began using as a certified CHILL practitioner. Also, I use them in additional ways (in addition to CHILL). Through angel guidance, I discovered that they are also keys to open to an understanding that we have a personal star cosmology different from astrology, and are star creators ourselves. (Click this sentence to discover more.)

For me, having Chumpi stones is very similar to being born to become a pipe carrier in the Native American (and new) traditions as the pipe (Chanupa) and sacred smoke are alive with wisdom and energy through the the earth elements made to create it. The Chumpi stones are "carried" in a similar way for me. It's curious how these forms I carry with deep honor, responsibility and grace will continue to be valuable in this practical world of relationships and career/work and visions and dreams going forward. I am staying tuned as I go about the project of life--of living and loving.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mark Bustos: Acts of Kindness By Celebrity Hairstylist Helps Homeless Men

IMAGE From: Inspiremore.com
Wonderful, simple loving kindness by Mark Bustos is a power of example of how one person can make a difference. Mark is using a Phillips Norelco shaver. This video produced by Norelco provides more exposure to these happenings, and serves to inspire and motivate us all to do whatever we can to help make a difference by elevating our fellow human beings.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lava Mae: Showers for the Homeless Project Has Gone Viral: In Less Than A Week, Over 8.5 Million Views

Update on my investment in Lava Mae: Showers for the Homeless. Looks like Pope Francis had a major impact on awakening more love, compassion, and action. Google invested in the pilot program and is reinvesting. This allows Lava Mae to take on the Bay area and San Jose.

In San Francisco, they are coordinating with other mobile providers to bring haircuts, street medicine, clothing, referral services, and more directly to streets and the people that need them. Watch the video to discover more.

LIKE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish/videos/623999431074901/ and share.

#LavaMae #Homeless #OneCheckAway #MobileShower #investor

Mobile Showers for the Homeless
“We are just one paycheck away.”–Steve, homeless for 10 months
Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Healing Negative Perceptions: Female-Driven Content in Film & TV is Profitable

"Market data regarding movies and television dramatically supports the fact that female-driven content is profitable, yet women working on both sides of the camera remain severely underrepresented." This is according to a new report by The Producer's Guild of America Women's Impact Network and Women and Hollywood organizations. Certainly "Shondaland" (the ABC Network programming lineup on Thursday evenings that features successful female-driven content: Grey's Anatomy, Scandal & the award-winning, How To Get Away With Murder) has helped to change a negative perception, as well as other film & TV projects.

Check out the report by clicking HERE!

#‎Filmmaking‬ ‪#‎WomenInFilm‬ ‪#‎WomeninTV‬ ‪#‎profit‬

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rave Reviews for Interviews, Writing and More

In the midst of reviewing the past and letting go for THE NEW.

As Barbra Streisand sings on her debut Color Me Barbra album: "Where am I going and what will I find? What's in this grab bag that I call my mind?" (Yes! Great live clip on YouTube!). These reviews cover live, streaming interviews conducted on The Healing Artist Studio channel on Blog Talk Radio, interviews that were podcast on-demand and printed in the arts section of a newspaper for which I served as Arts Feature Editor, and by website design clients. 

Here we go . . . 

"...the interview with Luciana Souza was incredible. I loved the dialogue on parenting, grief, spiritual practices, music..."
-- Claire Milam, Spiritual Coach

"Fantastic job."
-- Barbara Sobel, Sobel Promotions

"Beautiful music, wonderful conversation, all around inspiring and energizing program. Thank you!"
-- JD Flaten, Publicist, Media Owls

"Thank you!!! I had a great time being on your show!!! -- Georgie Porgie, A Billboard Magazine Top 10 Dance/Club Artist of the Decade

"You have been doing an amazing job with your interviews/shows. I'm so impressed with what you've done."
-- Paddy Noonan, Founding Partner & Musician, IMRadio

"Wow!" Val. The radio show was so amazing! Thanks so much!
-- Tonya Marie Faris, Songwriter, song featured as a healing dedication on 05/30/10

- "Excellent and informative interviews. I enjoyed the show very much. Joel Juan Qui is a beautiful expression of healing through his education and music. Val and Barry, great show!
-- Daniel Zazueta
"Val, thank you for posting the great [audio] interview with Linda and Jacqui at our show opening . . . I'm glad your interview got into some of the more contemplative and spiritual aspects of why we do what we do."

"I was glad to meet you at Musikfest, and later, thrilled with the wonderful job you did. You are an excellent writer, photographer, and interviewer all rolled into one: quite a combination."
-- Ann Whipple, Publicist, Musikfest 2007
"Thank you for your great interview. You did a great job." @ The 110th Anniversary of Downing Park
-- Jean McGrane, City Manager of the City of Newburgh, NY

"Thank you so much for all the space and time you took with the article. The interview is great and Mystique did a great job with the photos. Can't thank you enough. You should also know that several people have already phoned me to say they read and enjoyed the article."
-- Mary Ann G. Neuman, Photographer, "Somebody's Sister" Series

“Your organization of materials, attention to detail and intelligent approach is unique, refreshing and MUCH appreciated. It makes all the difference!”
-- Don Devine, President, Devine Design

"Wow, the interview went really well. I enjoyed hearing the artists responses, and found out a little bit more about each artist I had not know before. Thank you for all your support!"
-- Virginia Walsh, Director, Ann Street Gallery

"I'm finally home and have been meaning to call and THANK YOU for the wonderful feature that you did on me."
-- Judi Silvano, Jazz Vocalist/Composer/Producer/Educator

"You are (as they say): "No joke". I thank you for lending your genius to the mass of positive good going on in the city of Newburgh right now. The article helped to give wonderful insight into who I am as a candidate for city council."
-- Marge Bell, Owner, Newburgh Artisans and 2007 & City Council in Newburgh, NY

"What a treat to have you with us and conduct such a powerful interview. Thank you for posting the live interview! I've added it to my blog so others can listen and find your site . . . What a wonderful job you do."
-- Linda Richichi, Tour Director, "Far & Near Horizons" Group Exhibition World Tour and Plein Air Painter

"I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the fabulous job on the article! It was an absolute pleasure to see such a great spread and the company so well represented. I appreciate your efforts and hard work!"
-- Stacey Hawkins, President and CEO, Time Savor Gourmet, LLC

"Val, thanks so much--what a wonderful job."
-- Brian Burke, Owner, Downing Film Center

"You need to clone yourself -- doing a great job covering so many events and really focusing on the personalities behind them!"
-- C. Kippy Boyle, Divisional Manager, San Francisco International Gift Fair
"Your new Web site looks and FEELS great . . . open, inviting and very informative."
-- Eleanora Amendolara, Sacred Center
"The pleasure has been ours . . . I was singing your praises last night while showing off the website and clicked on your site to show people who you are . . . I am very happy!"
-- Sharron Miller, Executive and Artistic Director, Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts
“You have an extraordinary company! The level of work you do is very, very high---"over my head" for design work, innovation & concepts, etc.-- a very different area of our industry than I'm in! But you truly have a great and exciting company!”
-- Marc Frankel, President, Hudson Valley Mac

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Top Comments From Healing Arts/CHILL Clients (Your Testimonials)

Image Credit: Arizona Interior Design School
This is the area where you can post feedback & testimonials for healing artist personal or group sessions. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and providing this link to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested. Thank you so very much!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

GIFTS is a Top Story in Romance, Short Story Literature on Booktracks (Books with Soundtracks: Reinventing Reading)

By Valerie Michele Oliver
A potential romantic dinner turns tense during the Christmas holiday season when some unfortunate words are spoken. Will love rise to the occasion? 

Click here to read and share "Gifts", a timeless, universal tale of about love and putting others first.

"A beautiful short story."
—Priyanka Seth, Editor, Star Scribes

“It gave me chills. I appreciate all the details you included. I did feel the love as they both did what they could to honor the other. Beautiful!"
Angel-Rose Coen, Divine Guide/Healer/Author, Beyond Illuminated

"It is a touching reminder of how we so easily let petty, unimportant thoughts obscure the pure love that ought to be our focus. I thought back to times when ego took over when my husband presented me with a meal made in the way of his country, and I insisted that the way of mine was more refined or sophisticated or natural, and I spoiled an occasion to enjoy together something that was made with love. Now, I've learned to curtail those knee-jerk impulses to criticize and it happens less often.
Your story would make a great short film." 

Annie MacDonald, Screenwriter/Director at Cinemannie Productions

“Wow, what a storyteller you are, Valerie Michele! This could be a mini-movie! It reminded me that to allow words to "hurt me" by taking something personally erodes my happiness . . . Spirit does have a sense of timing and humor?” 
Lore Raymond, Entrepreneur/Writer, Women As Visionaries

"This story really reminded me of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry, but where his tale is about a newly married couple [Gifts] is about what seems to be a first date gone awry -- as they often seem to do . . . It’s just occurred to me that the two characters aren’t named in the story, which I didn’t really mind, in fact it kind of added to the universal nature of the story."
Hope Hammond, Freelance Editor 

"I have just read your story, and found it... how to put this... having been in a serious relationship for some time, I can see exactly how the characters are fighting over a trivial matter that is in the end just that: trivial and unimportant in the larger scheme of things. For that reason, I found it not only touching but also real, and amusing in that way that makes you smile for the irony of life."
Carrie White, Managing Editor, Glass House Press

About "Gifts"
"Gifts" is one of the stories in a planned book of short stories. It's actually a component of a memoir project, Sarah's Last Words, that's been in development since 2009. 

"Gifts" was created using a comprehensive, interactive storytelling platform that allows anyone to create a soundtrack (music, ambient effects and sound effects/SFX)! BOOKTRACK. It truly is an innovative way to reinvent reading.  

SHARE the link! https://www.booktrack.com/content/read/5b924f225ae54adaaa8d1be0d9b8cb73

"Gifts" has received excellent reviews, was featured in the e-newsletter of the Booktrack company, has been featured on Booktrack's Home page, and made it into the Top 10 of the Booktrack Library in the romance and short story genre.

"Gifts" is also available for purchase as a PDF file to send to your loved one as a gift! Read this sweet story with a timeless message for anyone trying to be real about who they are while taking a chance on romance.
*** $1.99 ***
Include your Email Address at Checkout
to Receive Your Digital PDF Short Story

* Delivery within 48 Hours *

Email address is not added to ANY mailing lists
Used only for delivery

Thanks for Purchasing! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

"Touch of Grace" Radio Program Features Filmmakers of "TUCHT", a "Different" Child Abuse Themed Movie

LISTEN TO Touch of Grace with GD Grace on Blog Talk Radio to learn more about UNáTI Independent FilmWorks and our feature film Tucht that originally aired on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 1:30pm PT / 2:30pm MT / 3:30 CT / 4:30 EST. 

We must utilize Hollywood not only to Entertain, but to Educate & Inspire." ~Ossie Davis (Actor)

Check Out Film Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with A Touch of Grace on BlogTalkRadio

"UNáTI is truly Important & Heroic work." ~Maya Angelou (Author, Poet, Actress)

UNáTI is a Sanskrit word that means The Healing Power of the Performing Arts.
Tucht is an independent feature film that has been garnering significant industry attention based on the exceptional reception of the script due to its controversial yet inspiring subject-matter and support from the makers of Oscar-winning films.

"Tucht is the Hero’s Journey story, and in the case of our film, it's the Heroine’s (the protagonist) and the Anti-Hero’s (antagonist) journeys, as well as those of three characters close to the protagonist. The question is: who will breakthrough the horrors of the past and present to an enlightened future, and who will not?”
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

Tucht is a psychological-thriller with dark-comedy elements
inspired by the true-stories of eight (8) remarkable lives told through five (5) young adult characters who are child abuse survivors.

"As a survivor of multiple child abuse incidences, I can tell you that Tucht shines a light on the deep, destructive, chain-effect ‪PTSD‬ cycle; and how the powers of love and forgiveness can help survivors to BREAK that cycle."
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

JOIN US! GD Grace (the producer/host), Alex Molina (Creative Director, UNáTI--Writer/Director, Tucht), Anthony Commodore (Senior Producer, Tucht), and me, Valerie Michele Oliver (Director/Co-Executive Producer, Tucht).

Please SHARE!