Monday, April 14, 2014

Fund Legal Fees for Val's Film & TV Series Projects at

I am on the brink of success as a creator/producer/director/writer with two (2) projects, and an opportunity to become a founding partner with an executive role in a film production company.

They are: 1) An ORIGINAL TELEVISION SERIES based on my idea and a pilot script for which deal memos and contracts are necessary for an interested production company to formally option and develop it, and to formalize my screen credits and role in the production when it's picked up by a broadcaster. Also, my agreement with the screenwriter needs to be revised and negotiated. (READ MORE at GoFundMe.Com)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Director and Co-Producer of TuCht - A Feature Film Grounded in The Healing Power of the Performing Arts

I am very happy and grateful to announce that I have been selected as director of and a producer for the independent feature film, TUCHT, an ASAOPE Independent Filmworks production with support from the makers of the OSCAR-winning films ABOUT SCHMIDT, ALI, & A BEAUTIFUL MIND. (Visit my Internet Movie Database page).

TUCHT is a raw, gritty psycho-thriller/dark-comedy inspired by the true-story of 8 remarkable lives that depicts - unflinchingly - the exigent social-welfare issue of Child Abuse, and its related issues of Suicidal-Depression, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, and Homicidal-Tendencies. TUCHT shares the undeniably proven POWER of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & FORGIVENESS to heal even the most horrific of human conditions.

It's rare for a feature film to have TWO directors, and this speaks to the collaboration spirit of the writer/director of TUCHT, Alex Equality Molina, as a leader in pioneering change in cinema and using the art of ASAOPE. ASAOPE comes from the Sanskrit language and means "The Healing Power of the Performing Arts."

Visit our Facebook page for updates.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rave Reviews for Interviews, Writing and More

In the midst of reviewing the past and letting go for THE NEW.

As Barbra Streisand sings on her debut Color Me Barbra album: "Where am I going and what will I find? What's in this grab bag that I call my mind?" (Yes! Great live clip on YouTube!). These reviews cover live, streaming interviews conducted on The Healing Artist Studio channel on Blog Talk Radio, interviews that were podcast on-demand and printed in the arts section of a newspaper for which I served as Arts Feature Editor, and by website design clients. 

Here we go . . . 

"...the interview with Luciana Souza was incredible. I loved the dialogue on parenting, grief, spiritual practices, music..."
-- Claire Milam, Spiritual Coach

"Fantastic job."
-- Barbara Sobel, Sobel Promotions

"Beautiful music, wonderful conversation, all around inspiring and energizing program. Thank you!"
-- JD Flaten, Publicist, Media Owls

"Thank you!!! I had a great time being on your show!!! -- Georgie Porgie, A Billboard Magazine Top 10 Dance/Club Artist of the Decade

"You have been doing an amazing job with your interviews/shows. I'm so impressed with what you've done."
-- Paddy Noonan, Founding Partner & Musician, IMRadio

"Wow!" Val. The radio show was so amazing! Thanks so much!
-- Tonya Marie Faris, Songwriter, song featured as a healing dedication on 05/30/10

- "Excellent and informative interviews. I enjoyed the show very much. Joel Juan Qui is a beautiful expression of healing through his education and music. Val and Barry, great show!
-- Daniel Zazueta
"Val, thank you for posting the great [audio] interview with Linda and Jacqui at our show opening . . . I'm glad your interview got into some of the more contemplative and spiritual aspects of why we do what we do."

"I was glad to meet you at Musikfest, and later, thrilled with the wonderful job you did. You are an excellent writer, photographer, and interviewer all rolled into one: quite a combination."
-- Ann Whipple, Publicist, Musikfest 2007
"Thank you for your great interview. You did a great job." @ The 110th Anniversary of Downing Park
-- Jean McGrane, City Manager of the City of Newburgh, NY

"Thank you so much for all the space and time you took with the article. The interview is great and Mystique did a great job with the photos. Can't thank you enough. You should also know that several people have already phoned me to say they read and enjoyed the article."
-- Mary Ann G. Neuman, Photographer, "Somebody's Sister" Series

“Your organization of materials, attention to detail and intelligent approach is unique, refreshing and MUCH appreciated. It makes all the difference!”
-- Don Devine, President, Devine Design

"Wow, the interview went really well. I enjoyed hearing the artists responses, and found out a little bit more about each artist I had not know before. Thank you for all your support!"
-- Virginia Walsh, Director, Ann Street Gallery

"I'm finally home and have been meaning to call and THANK YOU for the wonderful feature that you did on me."
-- Judi Silvano, Jazz Vocalist/Composer/Producer/Educator

"You are (as they say): "No joke". I thank you for lending your genius to the mass of positive good going on in the city of Newburgh right now. The article helped to give wonderful insight into who I am as a candidate for city council."
-- Marge Bell, Owner, Newburgh Artisans and 2007 & City Council in Newburgh, NY

"What a treat to have you with us and conduct such a powerful interview. Thank you for posting the live interview! I've added it to my blog so others can listen and find your site . . . What a wonderful job you do."
-- Linda Richichi, Tour Director, "Far & Near Horizons" Group Exhibition World Tour and Plein Air PainterListen to interview) (

"I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the fabulous job on the article! It was an absolute pleasure to see such a great spread and the company so well represented. I appreciate your efforts and hard work!"
-- Stacey Hawkins, President and CEO, Time Savor Gourmet, LLC

"Val, thanks so much--what a wonderful job."
-- Brian Burke, Owner, Downing Film Center

"You need to clone yourself -- doing a great job covering so many events and really focusing on the personalities behind them!"
-- C. Kippy Boyle, Divisional Manager, San Francisco International Gift Fair
"Your new Web site looks and FEELS great . . . open, inviting and very informative."
-- Eleanora Amendolara, Sacred Center
"The pleasure has been ours . . . I was singing your praises last night while showing off the website and clicked on your site to show people who you are . . . I am very happy!"
-- Sharron Miller, Executive and Artistic Director, Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts
“You have an extraordinary company! The level of work you do is very, very high---"over my head" for design work, innovation & concepts, etc.-- a very different area of our industry than I'm in! But you truly have a great and exciting company!”
-- Marc Frankel, President, Hudson Valley Mac

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration Is On! Love Deserves a Great Soundtrack.

Welcome to my contribution to the 7th Annual Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration 2014: Bless You Brother, A Special Memorial Dedication Mix to my brother, Mark Hoskins, who passed in January 2014. Mark was kind, generous, passionate, and the LADIES LOVED HIM! So here's to you, Little Brother, I chose love songs I know you'd play for the women you've loved.

Cupid's Hunt is dedicated to the belief that love deserves a GREAT soundtrack. It begins on Valentine's Day and lasts the entire month of February. It's a wonderful way to discover a variety of love music from a variety of perspectives. 

Stay tuned for another Cupid's Hunt podcast later this month in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show. It's entitled "I Love the House of Beatles."

Thanks to all this year's participants in this event: you inspire me. Special gratitude to NT Grundy, Mr. Fresh, Mike Carlos, Young Venom, and Jolene for all your support.

The Keys to "Bless You Brother": Sexy, After Dark, Deep, Hot, Lovers, Valentine, You're My Choice Tonight, Pendergrass, Vandross, Gaye, Downing, Isley, Maze, The Maestro, Hot Buttered Soul

Marinate in more Cupid's Hunt love mixes at - http://rhythmsinblacksatin.wordpress.....

#CupidsHunt #CH7 #CountdownToLove

Thanks for listening and loving! Enjoy!


Background Intro Music: Bless You Brother, Guy Robin Feat. Anthony Moriah

01 Island – Will Downing

02 You’re My Choice Tonight (Choose Me) – Teddy Pendergrass

03 If Only For One Night – Luther Vandross

04 The Look of Love – Ron Isley & Burt Bacharach

05 When You Love Someone – Maze (Featuring Frankie Beverly)

06 The Closer I Get To You – Luther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles

07 You Sure Love To Ball – Marvin Gaye

08 You Send Me – Roy Ayers

09 I’ve Got So Much To Give - Barry White

10 Just the Way You Are – Isaac Hayes

11 At Last - Arthur Prysock

Visit Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration on Facebook!

Visit the TUCHT Feature Film Project: "She saved his life . . . Now she's gotta kill him."

Visit the Reach for Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introduction to Angel-Guided Star Creation Sigils™

Ever wonder or imagine when looking up at the stars shining so bright if you have a star among them? Do you believe that stars are part of our own story to claim and to use to guide us? I was guided by Archangel Uriel to believe that the star nation includes our own personal constellation, our cosmic energetic blueprint, and that many more are created with our words, intentions and thoughts. 

Is it any wonder that this blew my mind? 

I came to believe and have begun my transformation into a greater, expanded reality by embracing my pure, archetype, star essence, and I am answering the call to invest in anyone who also says "Yes!" to this sacred synchronicity opportunity. You are cordially invited to discover your own relationship to Angel-Guided Star Creation Sigils as you shift into the Age of Aquarius as a pioneer in what has been called the final frontier.

Deepen your investment in your story of spirituality; of being a humanitarian; of transforming; of growing; of manifesting; of changing; and of succeeding by becoming one with your own constellation. 

A star sigil is a quantum "warehouse" that combines archetypes, oracle guidance, angel numbers, and intuitive intelligence in one multidimensional star constellation that supports you and your creative becoming events.

The ancients believed that astronomical phenomena were connected to terrestrial events. ~From "Star of Bethlehem, Wikipedia

My healing artist palette includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Angel-Guided Star Creation Sigils
Intuitive Intelligence
Muscle Testing
CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination 

What I Offer You In Distance or Office Sessions

What I provide is a mix of personal session time with you, and additional amounts of time off-session performing calculations and creating sigils. Our personal time represents three-four hours (depending upon what's best for you) that may include: 
  • a free 15 minute consultation session (Are We a Match?)
  • an Intuitive Intelligence and Muscle Testing session
    (What We Need To Know)
  • a session to explore the best Angel-Guided Star Sigils™ offer for you
  • a session to review your sigil
  • a Digital Vision Board creative session
  • a CHILL - Chumpi Illumination session
Approximately three (3) hours is spent calculating, creating, and interpreting your sigil. You receive it via a link to view and download it. Future follow-up sessions are scheduled if needed on a per hour payment basis.

Here are a some options for you, although star sigils are determined based upon individual need beyond what you see offered below.  

I'm investing in you:
  • The "A Star Is Born" Star Sigil: What chosen name reflects your essential star essenceYour Investment = $250 (Call for consultation)
  • The Imagination-Creation (Business or Project) Star Sigil (Value = $2200)
    My Investment = $1700 | Your Investment = $250
  • The Intention Alignment Star Sigil (Value = $1500)
    My Investment = $1200 | Your Investment = $150
Note: The Angel-Guided Star Sigils offers continue to evolve as I receive more angel guidance since they are dynamic forms, and more is emerging. I reserve the right to make changes as required to what I offer for the Highest Benefit.

What is a Sigil? Sigils are considered the marks of angels, deities, and other entities, and are archetypes, conduits for great creative quantum energy. My angel guides gave me a sigil calculation formula by which to convert words (names and sentences) into quantum energy-powered stars using sigils.

What is Intuitive Intelligence? Intuitive intelligence is a deep, instantaneous, inner feeling or inner knowing; a form of divine communication from one's highest consciousness, frequency or Self. It's been described as a gut feeling that may be associated with sounds or feelings in the body that confirm it.

What is Muscle Testing? Muscle testing is another way to describe Health Kinesiology™, which is a bioenergetics methodology that uses the body’s muscular system to find out information by asking questions to help make dramatic life changes.

What is CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination? CHILL™ - Chumpi Illumination is an innovative art and science practice in which sacred stones that embody 12 Keys of Universal Consciousness and Universal Matrix Architecture are used in healing. CHILL™ is taught at The Mystery School in New York State.

The Clients | The Studio's ideal clients are arts and entertainment professionals, healing arts professionals, and anyone who is commited to boldly go beyond the familiar into new the Greater Reality creative territory with me investing in your decision. 

The Referrals | The Studio pays 15% for referrals that become clients.
The Healing Artist Studio Gallery

A gallery is planned as a public space that will feature Angel-Guided, Star Creation Sigils art to help you focus consciousness on pre-calculated and pre-created affirmations and intentions. The art featured in the gallery is being used by me to help me continue to heal, transform, grow, change, manifest and create.
I am a person who has healed significantly from cycles of addiction beyond the 12-Steps, and emotional, mental and sexual child abuse by both a male and female through recognizing them as parts of my story. The journey continues.

Love, peace, and star light,

Valerie Michele

Get in Touch!

Valerie Michele
voice: 1.973.750.8654
skype: creatorsparrot
Read VALentine's (Testimonials)


  "The Creator determines the number of stars and calls them each by name."
Psalm 147:4
(Special thank you to Cara Marie for sharing this quote with me.)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How Chumpi Stones Are Made and How They Impact The Healing Artist Studio Project

Video Credit: Eleanora Amendolara, Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

Today I will CHILL. I will use Chumpi Illumination (CHILL) as one of the resources for healing those stubborn patterns that are so deeply entrenched, or to make peace with owning my current limitations with love. Here's a short and sweet video on how the Chumpi stones are made in Peru. They are the connectors to the star nation, the Greater Reality, and 12 states of consciousness that are keys to the process of becoming.  

CHILL is a healing system developed by my friend Eleanora Amendolara of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, and is part of the curriculum taught at her two-year healing arts program at The Mystery School in Warwick, NY. Eleanora is giving a workshop coming up in NYC in August 2013.
I am grateful to have two different sets of Chumpi stones that I began using as a certified CHILL practitioner. Also, I use them in additional ways (in addition to CHILL). Through angel guidance, I discovered that they are also keys to open to an understanding that we have a personal star cosmology different from astrology, and are star creators ourselves. (Click this sentence to discover more.)

For me, having Chumpi stones is very similar to being born to become a pipe carrier in the Native American (and new) traditions as the pipe (Chanupa) and sacred smoke are alive with wisdom and energy through the the earth elements made to create it. The Chumpi stones are "carried" in a similar way for me. It's curious how these forms I carry with deep honor, responsibility and grace will continue to be valuable in this practical world of relationships and career/work and visions and dreams going forward. I am staying tuned as I go about the project of life--of living and loving.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

VALentines (Healing Testimonials)

“A brilliant healing artist."

"I would like to thank Valerie Michele for helping me and starting my healing process. My husband recently booked several sessions for me with her after witnessing me falling further and further into a depression. It turned out to be the best gift he has ever given me . . . (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Dona Dec, Controller

"Inspiring . . . Motivational . . . Unbelievable . . . Wonderful . . . Life-transforming . . . Healing . . . Multidimensional . . . Open . . . Safe . . . Thought-provoking . . . Fun!"
-- Words people have used to describe Val's events

"As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I can attest that Val Oliver is a compassionate healer with integrity and expertise. Don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of her healing services. Blessings and positive energy to you all!"
-- Dr. Kathy Jordan, Author of Becoming a Life Change Artist, Creative Coach/Consultant 

"Just completed my CHILL session and I was blown away. Resolved and understood something that has been a source of confusion and a block to completing my book. Val assisted in the connecting with one of my guides. He had a special message for me and was a source of comfort which circled back to the source of my initial confusion. All of this in 30 minutes or so." (READ FULL COMMENT)
-- Sue Birkam, Business Coach, Freedom Life Coaching Company

"I have found our sessions to be very worthwhile, and am looking forward to the next phone call. I endorse, from experience, Valerie Michele as a talented and caring Healing Artist for those that want a deeper exploration."
-- Stacie Flint, Visual Artist

"Thanks Val. Your particular INSIGHT, as always, is ON POINT."
-- Christopher Dean Sullivan, The Artisan Bassist (Musician)

"You are so humble Val. When I looked at your blog, I was like WOW! This Sister is sharing the ancient spiritual life sciences in a beautiful way . . . You are helping to shift the shape of things from negative to positive energized vibrations and that is what LOVE and HEALING is ALL about."
-- Dwayne Sonni Nixon El (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Poet, International Businessman)

"You are a very warm and authentic person--it is so refreshing. I feel inspired by your optimism, enthusiasm, and how driven you are to actualize dreams."
-- Dr. Heather Gillman (Psychologist)

"Val, you just made me cry as I was lamenting to my girl that I have been searching for just one person to get me. Gracious thanks, from my heart of hearts."
--  Cia Malia, Sound Healer, Hanta Yo Sound Healing

"You are a gifted soul who possesses an incredible zest and talent for living. Even the simplest of events--waiting on line to pay a cable bill, a passing conversation on the street--become joyful happenings with you! Your beautiful smile and focused gaze make me know that you're really hearing me, listening to me, appreciating me. I feel compelled to just be myself, honestly, with you."
-- Jonathan Dobin, Fine Artist (Music & Visual)

"You always say exactly what I need to hear!"
-- Christie

"Hey Val,  I wanted to let you know that I was still feeling very congested yesterday, as if I still had the cold. I was telling my friends at work yesterday that I was going to finally break down and go to doctor but after your session last night, I felt much better, and today I am feeling a big difference. I think it's what I needed to finally get this nasty congestion and negative feeling out of my body!  Thank you!"
-- Kathy Kerr

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration Event for VALentine's Day!

The PREMIER online music event in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Please join the 7th Annual version of this enjoyable event.

This will be my 3rd year as a part of this international event!

My contribution will be a special
"In Honor Of Mark P. Hoskins" Podcast 
for my brother who passed away on January 25, 2014.

FAQ file:

Facebook Page:

DJs, Podcasters, music makers and music lovers... this is one event you don't want to miss!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"All My Life" is #1 on the ReverbNation Local Region Jazz Chart!

"All My Life" (Nu-Jazz) has remains #1 on the ReverbNation Local-Regional Jazz Chart, the Top 200 on the National Jazz Chart, and the Top 500 on the Global Jazz Chart! Thanks to everyone who keeps playing and sharing this music that is part of the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project--an energy generating project dedicated to healing child abuse in the world. ♥ IMAGINE. THEN ACT.

PLAY "All My Life" (NuJazz, Briarus arrangment)

Monday, December 9, 2013

GIFTS is Top (#1) in Romance, Short Story Literature on Booktracks (Books with Soundtracks: Reinventing Reading)


I'm sharing the first beta interactive multimedia test version of a short story, Gifts. I've integrated literary and cinematic elements (music score, ambient effects and sound effects) to this tale to expand and enhance the storytelling experience.

Feel free to leave comments regarding your experience to help fine-tune this new publishing platform made available by Booktrack™based in New Zealand.

The next step planned is to re-write Gifts as a short film script and to use the Booktrack™ platform to create a new soundtrack and sound effects for it. Do contact me if you're a screenwriter, music supervisor or composer who would like to explore collaborating with me on the script.

Technical notes:

1) You can control synchronizing the reading & soundtrack speed of the story using the (+) and (- ) icons located at the bottom right of each page.

Click here to experience Gifts.

Gifts is a Booktrack™-sponsored production.

Imagine, innovate, play and create without fear of failure.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

GIFTS: A Cupid-Endorsed Tale

By Valerie Michele
Synopsis: What could have been a romantic dinner at a restaurant with an attractive new friend turns tense when some unfortunate words are spoken. Will love rise to the occasion?

"A beautiful short story."
—Priyanka Seth, Editor, Star Scribes

“It gave me chills. I appreciate all the details you included. I did feel the love as they both did what they could to honor the other. Beautiful!"
Angel-Rose Coen, Divine Guide/Healer/Author, Beyond Illuminated

"It is a touching reminder of how we so easily let petty, unimportant thoughts obscure the pure love that ought to be our focus. I thought back to times when ego took over when my husband presented me with a meal made in the way of his country, and I insisted that the way of mine was more refined or sophisticated or natural, and I spoiled an occasion to enjoy together something that was made with love. Now, I've learned to curtail those knee-jerk impulses to criticize and it happens less often.
Your story would make a great short film." 

Annie MacDonald, Screenwriter/Director at Cinemannie Productions

“Wow, what a storyteller you are, Valerie Michele! This could be a mini-movie! It reminded me that to allow words to "hurt me" by taking something personally erodes my happiness . . . Spirit does have a sense of timing and humor?” 
Lore Raymond, Entrepreneur/Writer, Women As Visionaries

"This story really reminded me of "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry, but where his tale is about a newly married couple [Gifts] is about what seems to be a first date gone awry -- as they often seem to do . . . It’s just occurred to me that the two characters aren’t named in the story, which I didn’t really mind, in fact it kind of added to the universal nature of the story."
Hope Hammond, Freelance Editor 

"I have just read your story, and found it... how to put this... having been in a serious relationship for some time, I can see exactly how the characters are fighting over a trivial matter that is in the end just that: trivial and unimportant in the larger scheme of things. For that reason, I found it not only touching but also real, and amusing in that way that makes you smile for the irony of life."
Carrie White, Managing Editor, Glass House Press

About "Gifts"
"Gifts" is one of the stories in an anthology I'm writing entitled The Dreams and Short Stories of Sarah's Last Words. It's actually a component of my memoir project, Sarah's Last Words, that's been in development since 2009. The Dreams and Short Stories of Sarah's Last Words will be a rather unique publication in that it will include a soundtrack. That''s right, just like movies have them! The technology is now available for real-time, synchronous music and sound effects for books.

Check out my beta test of "Gifts" that includes a soundtrack (music, ambient effects and sound effects/SFX)! This BOOKTRACK It truly is an innovative way to reinvent reading. So far, it has received excellent reviews, was featured in the e-newsletter of the Booktrack company, and made it into the Top 10 of booktracks.

"Gifts" is available for purchase as a PDF file. Read this sweet story with a timeless message for anyone trying to be real about who they are while taking a chance on romance.
*** $1.99 ***
Include your Email Address at Checkout
to Receive Your Digital PDF Short Story

* Delivery within 48 Hours *

Email address is not added to ANY mailing lists
Used only for delivery

Thanks for Purchasing! 

Valerie Michele

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is There More Good or Bad in the World Today? What People Are Saying.

Credit: blog
Many people say they are tired of hearing nothing but bad news. These are five out-on-the-town, on-the-spot interviews to get an opinion on one major question: Is there more good or bad in the world today?

I began conducting these interviews while going about my daily life, and considering ideas about how to contribute to sharing good news to balance out so much negativity reported by the global news media.

The People Speak!

These interviews are with Robin, a 41-year-old teacher and jewelry artist; Gloria, a 26-year-old financial risk analyst on Wall Street and her husband; and Lisa, a 27-year-old teacher with her boyfriend or husband. 

This interview is with Marge Bell, an African-American, woman, small business owner who sells world, fair trade arts.

This interview is with The Chisolms, an African-American husband and wife interviewed at an art fair.

This interview is with The Jarmins, an interracial couple, interviewed at an International Plein Air and Landscape Painters exhibition.

These interviews are with Juan, a 14-year-old, Hispanic male, at a laundromat; and Christine, a Caucasian, middle-aged owner of a Chocolate retail business. 

And finally, here's an article from the blog titled, "Memo to news sites -- good news sells," that includes some interesting research about good news. 

Online News Media Picks Up This Story

The Printer's Lounge Daily online magazine features "top stories related to print, packaging and publishing." "Is There More Good or Bad in the World Today?" was featured as a top story in the Education section for Wednesday, August 7, 2013. Can you say more good news?

I would love to create, write, and manage a blog supported by The Huffington Post that would allow me to expand on this project using a mix of research, blog writing, producing and hosting live interviews via Internet radio, podcasting, and global travel to impact the inequity in news writing and reporting cited by the public in these brief "on-the-spot" interviews. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Back Up the Truck" (Prompt Short Fiction Written in 15 Minutes) by Valerie Michele

"Back up the truck," I whispered under the shade of night.

It was about that time when the moon was up in the sky and the sun would have its turn soon. It was April Fool's Day and O'Neal wanted to play a trick on his Uncle Charlie.

My best friend O'Neal (whose real name was Maurice, but he hated it and liked the name in the middle) asked me to help him. I snuck out of my house and met him at the side of his house in the alley like he asked.

I didn't want to do it when he asked me earlier, and then I asked him: "How are you gonna move his truck into the middle of the street?"

"I know how to do it. I learned how to drive a truck when me and my mom lived at our farm in North Carolina," he said in a way that shut me up. So I did what he asked and made sure there were no cars coming down the street, and ran up to the car door where he sat at the wheel with a fuck-you-Uncle-Charlie-for-beating-my-mom-yesterday look on his face.

He looked down at me and asked, "Back up the truck now?"

I looked both ways again and saw only parked cars and street lamps and some cats knocking around something.

"Yeah, do it now,' I whispered.

I caught his here we go look.

He put the truck in reverse.


You can also LISTEN to the reading of the story (1:38 minutes)

Back Up The Truck is the word prompt used to write this story. Prompts can be very useful when experiencing writer's block, and as a way to get the creative juices flowing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Leaning In" (Prompt Short Fiction Written in Fifteen Minutes) by Valerie Michele

Image Credit: MeteoWeb
We were at the lagoon: the one that is known for its magical healing properties--the one spelled with a capital L--the one that is Negra because of the dark water that represents the Void where all answers and solutions reside.

I almost didn't make it to the mid-line of the mountain where Laguna Negra makes her home, grounded between two large stone formations looking like the face of the Incan ancestors from whom the legends about her were passed on from generation-to-generation.

Anemia choked my chest, and the breath became strange and stranger to me as we made the climb to reach her sacred space of tears that flowed from the heavens down the mountain into her liquid womb to fill her up: the largest cup for the seeker.

I was so breathless that the best I could do was to lay down my burdened body over a flat rock and lean my face in as close as I could, darkness regarding darkness.


You can also LISTEN to the reading of the story (1:18 minutes)


Leaning In was written while participating in a writer's group with about 11 participants in Northern, NJ. A number of prompts were provided, and we all had fifteen minutes to write a story using the prompt. There is very little editing here except for punctuation, tense, and spelling to keep it as authentic as possible to the original created at the workshop. Thanks to all the writers!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Archangel Sachiel | And so it is . . .

Power, legal and commercial transactions, financial speculation, acquisition of wealth, marriage, education, religion, protect travelers, foster friendships, preserve health, banish anxiety, establish sympathy, business, fame, gambling, greed, growth, expansion, honor, leadership, money, parties, politics, power, responsibility, royalty, success, visions, wealth.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Greater Reality: Numerology & Star Creation Treasure


TREASURE SHARES: NEIL BAKER and VALERIE MICHELE share their gifts with each other during this edited podcast below of the original live program: a Psychic Numerology Reading for VAL and an Angel-Guided Star Creation for NEIL.    

VALERIE MICHELE (Healing Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Development Executive, and Award-winning Blogger and Writer)


If you missed it: Introduction to Angel-Guided Star Sigils

To schedule a consultation about Angel-Guided Star Creation call Valerie Michele at 973.750.8654.

Listen to internet radio with The Healing Artist Studio on BlogTalkRadio

- Stardust | Hoagy Carmichael
- Stella By Starlight | Joe Pass
- Somewhere Beyond | Marc Mac's Doll House Mix

SPONSORED BY: Valerie Michele

Do read, add, and respond to the COMMENTS below!