Friday, January 27, 2012

Stories from the Dream & Healing Realm: The Jungle Rattle, the Dog & the Tiger

"Sounds are used in healing sessions to help clients go deeper into their subconscious where things are revealed that they may not have seen or realized before, or to become aware of something that needed to emerge. Sounds center people, de-stress people, they put them in an altered state that takes them out of their boxes, their confinement. Also, sounds can open gateways to other realms."
--Eleanora Amendolara

The sound of the Jungle Rattle that I listened to in a podcast about the healing benefits of sound performed a healing when I fell asleep and entered the dream realm. I was taught that if there's a need that I have that a particular sound can provide, then the particular healing I need at the moment will happen.

Listen to my dream story. (Length: 15 min.)

The Jungle Rattle comes from a tribe that lives deep in the Amazon in Peru. It's very grounding. It connects you to yourself and the earth. It takes you underground, beneath the surface. It calls you to pay close attention to what's revealed, exposes what needs to come into the light; and in the case of my dream, indicated a fear in the animal medicine form of an attacking dog (my shadow--loyalty and belonging issues), and a hidden strength in the form of a jungle animal--the tiger (my light).

Listen to the Jungle Rattle for your own personal experience if drawn to this meditation.(Length: 15 min.)

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