Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Greater Reality: Numerology & Star Creation Treasure


TREASURE SHARES: NEIL BAKER and VALERIE MICHELE share their gifts with each other during this edited podcast below of the original live program: a Psychic Numerology Reading for VAL and an Angel-Guided Star Creation for NEIL.    

VALERIE MICHELE (Healing Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Development Executive, and Award-winning Blogger and Writer)


If you missed it: Introduction to Angel-Guided Star Sigils

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- Stardust | Hoagy Carmichael
- Stella By Starlight | Joe Pass
- Somewhere Beyond | Marc Mac's Doll House Mix

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  1. Interesting! Pretty scary some of the experiences Mr. Baker and you as well described.

    My grandbaby Marley is 9 months but I swear she just stops and stares in the corner of the room, it looks as if she is watching and following with her eyes, someone's movements. Of course there is nothing there. She even interacts; gurgles, laughs and points and she will do this for long periods of times.

    My daughter believes she is conversing with her sister who died after living for only 30 minutes. My daughter truly believes her baby is interacting with a spirit.

    I don't disbelieve but I can't wrap my head around it. All I do know is that it's just too consistent to be random. And there is nothing wrong with my grandbaby's eyesight so it's not like she is unfocused. During these 'whatever' she is definitely focused.

    Like Mr. Baker stated, it's much more out in the open these days. I am glad for people like you and him. Because of people like you it is easier for my daughter and grandbaby if Marley continues with these interactions into preschool age.

    The numerology was very interesting as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Also loved Stella by Starlight :)

  3. Thanks for your comments, Cate. You're welcome. I have to share as this is part of my reason for being here now.

    Yes, I can understand why your daughter believes Marley is seeing a spirit or angel. A family member of mine experienced the same thing as a baby. She's now an elder in her 80s (a wise woman), and she loves to tell me the story of how my grandmother would come into her room and see her doing the same thing that Marley does.

    She is also the one who inspired me to believe what I received about each one of us having a star that was created in space when we were born. She says that when we die, or star dies too--that there's a direct correlation.


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