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What's Up, Twelve?: Twelveness by Eleanora Amendolara (Guest Blogger)

My relationship with Eleanora Amendolara and "twelveness" began in the early 2000's when she introduced me to the Chumpi stone workshops she offered at her business: Sacred Center for the Healing Arts. I had been mentored by Bisun Ilau, the Medicine Man of the Turtle clan in Northern, NJ, and was guided to seek a woman from whom to expand my journey with spirituality in practical ways. Somehow, I found her website on the Internet. The powerful design captured me first, and after I read the content, I decided to contact her. She invited me to visit with her, and I remember taking a gift to offer because it felt like the right thing to do--as respect and honor for her gifts. At the end of our time together that day, she agreed to become my mentor.

One of my most powerful experiences using 12 Chumpis was helping a woman to heal her depression. I used them in various sessions (along with energy techniques, plus both our spirituality) that changed my client's life (personal and professional). Read Dona Dec's testimonial.

Our relationship has been so FULL of adventures and stories, including her saving my life on a journey in Cusco, Peru (an amazing experience I will share in some form one day); graduating from the Mystery School at Sacred Center for the Healing Arts (as a certified CHILL practitioner); co-authoring her first book (Standing Naked In Rose Petals), a healer's memoir in a unique book format, and so much more. Of course I would invite her to be a guest blogger.

Here, Eleanora shares excerpts from her most recent book that invites us all into a relationship with the mystical and practical 12 . . . so without further ado, here's Eleanora's contribution to the question for November: What's Up, Twelve?

What's Up, Twelve: Twelveness
by Eleanora Amendolara (Sacred Center for the Healing Arts)

Excerpts from CHUMPI ILLUMINATION: Gateways to Healing and Transformation

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Twelveness . . . 

I am not the only one who has been inspired by this mystical number . . . The number twelve permeates our universe. It always has.
Think of the 12 months, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, 12 subatomic particles and even a dozen eggs. You may also have heard of the more esoteric expressions of the number twelve. There are stories about how the 12 gods or master scientists seeded the earth with life.

So, we can say that the twelve divine forces that influence our reality are fundamental to the fabric of the universe and through these forces we create, sustain and transform the patterns of our consciousness.

There are 12 majestic mountains that surround and cradle Cuzco, the sacred center capitol of the Andes. Twelve chumpi stones represent each mountain. In our work with these stones, we can begin to heal and transform the polarizing conflicts that tend to define our present lives.

More about the Chumpis
Artist Betty Kispet Kilka demonstrates how she handcrafts Chumpi Stones at her gallery in Cusco, Peru. She also explains the origins and purpose of these ancient Andean healing stones.

More from Eleanora in an Interview

The Greater Reality: CHILL Interview

The live broadcast had over 200 live listeners, and this podcast recording of the live event attracted close to 4,000 listeners during the first week of airing.

In the Greater Reality, healing doesn’t mean fixing ourselves. It does mean embracing a new relationship with duality, plus uncovering ourselves and emerging while in an expanded space. The key is to open the door and discover the more! Join Eleanora and host, Valerie Michele at The Healing Artist Studio Internet radio channel. 

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