Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Archangel Ariel/Auriel/Uriel -- Which One?

Archangel Uriel (Peace)
Sometimes I wonder exactly who put all that light into my body when I had a death without dying in Cusco, Peru. Was it the Queen of Angels who my mom loved so much, or was it Archangel Ariel, Archangel Uriel, or my angelic Self?

A spirit, great Light Being stood between my mother (Sarah) and my grandmother (Mana) at the end of the tunnel. All three of them were bathed in light but the Being in the middle was brighter. As soon as I understood I had to return to Earth, the Light Being filled me with an incredible amount of light, and I awakened in my bed in Cusco, Peru.

The doctor said: "You would have been dead in another 20 minutes if Eleanora hadn't called me right away after checking your condition so we could get you to the clinic." Uh-huh. No one knew I had died and returned. Actually, Eleanora has told me she saw my illuminated body outside of me and did know.

Recently, a dear friend gave me a book to read written by Doreen Virtue titled: Mesages from Your Angels. The first part I read was about Ariel/Auriel/Uriel, to whom I have felt a strong connection for quite some time.

Later that day, I had a couple of encounters with Ariel while going about my daily life.

First, I was driving down a road on my way to work and passed a business named Ariel's Child. Next, someone I spoke to at work later told me they live in Ariel, PA.

Light, rainbow light, colors are becoming more important and vital to me. I see rainbows a lot. My little niece and I saw a rainbow on the ground next to my car one day. We checked around all the other cars in the area, but no rainbow. I said: This rainbow is just for us today." She said: "We're special."

What wonderful communications to receive.

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