Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How Chumpi Stones Are Made and How They Impact The Healing Artist Studio Project

Chumpi Illumination (CHILL) is a resource that can be used for healing deep, entrenched stubborn patterns, or to make peace with conflicts in one's life. 

Here's a short and sweet video on how the Chumpi stones are made in Peru. They are the connectors to the star nation, the Greater Reality, and 12 keys to universal consciousness. 


CHILL is a healing system developed by my friend Eleanora Amendolara of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, and is part of the curriculum taught at her two-year healing arts program at The Mystery School in Warwick, NY.

I am grateful to have two different sets of Chumpi stones that I am trained to use as a certified CHILL practitioner. Also, I use them in additional ways (in addition to CHILL). Through angel guidance, I discovered them as keys to open to an understanding that we have a personal star cosmology different from astrology. (Click this sentence to discover more.)

For me, having Chumpi stones is very similar to being born to become a pipe carrier in the Native American (and new) traditions as the pipe (Chanupa) and sacred smoke are alive with wisdom and energy through the earth elements made to create it. The Chumpi stones are "carried" in a similar way for me.

I am curious about how these forms I carry with deep honor, responsibility and grace will continue to be valuable in this practical world of relationships and career/work, and visions and dreams going forward. I am staying tuned as I go about the project of life--of living inside the love of my Creator.

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