Saturday, September 12, 2015

Top Comments From Healing Arts/CHILL Clients (Your Testimonials)

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This is the area where you can post feedback & testimonials for healing artist personal or group sessions. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and providing this link to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested. Thank you so very much!


  1. I just completed my first Chill session long distance via telephone. Prior to the call and not really knowing what to expect I prepared a brief written paragraph about a particular issue that has been dogging my soul. Val led the session and I did not share my issue or my prepared paragraph about the issue in advance of our session as I followed Val's lead, through a meditation.The healing that took place was transformational in that Val's words and the chum pi stones that Val selected based on her healing method were astonishing and accurate for my particular issue.She explained the reasons behind selecting just those particular healing stones. Then shared with me what came up for her including a visit from one of my guides.The guide had a special message for me and it pertained to the situation and specifically the words I had used in that paragraph I had prepared in advance but hadn't yet shared with Val. My take away was understanding about the confusion and the specific things that were blocking my path along with a balancing in the area of compassion and manifestation and a release of the issue at hand. Chill gave me chills in a good way and brought me the peace and healing I needed. Thank you Val. I'll be back for more.

  2. I would like to thank Val Oliver for helping me and starting my healing process. My husband recently booked several sessions for me with Val after witnessing me falling further and further into a depression. It turned out to be the best gift he has ever given me.

    I was not familiar with the body's energy systems and how they affect our body. After the explanation, Val then used health kinesiology (muscle testing) to read my body. She placed two Chumpi stones in my hands and the session began. As I laid there my body began to tremble and my eyes began to tear. It was like having someone open a gate that released all the stress and anxiety that has been in me for years. I could feel the energy in my body race from my toes to the top of my head. When the session was complete, I felt enlightened and full of energy. My family was amazed to see that not only did I look younger, but I was laughing and happy for the first time in over a year.

    On my second visit with Val, I let her know that I had to go on a job interview at a video conference center for a Controller position. I am a shy person and was very nervous about the video conference. She helped me to mentally prepare for the conference. When I arrived at the video conference the following day, I was surprised to discover that there were six people on the conference instead of the two I was expecting. While I was waiting to start I thought of my session with Val the previous day. I began to feel the energy flow through my body. The video conference started and I was asked questions by the six people who were the Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President, the Chief Financial officer, the North America Director and the Israeli Controller. The session lasted for an hour. When it was over, I was amazed that I had accomplished something I could not have done the previous week. With Val's help I was able be hired for the North America Controller position, and finally, end my job search.

    I intend to continue my sessions with Val because I have never experienced anyone with her incredible healing powers. I only two sessions she was able to turn my life around.

    ~Dona Dec


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