Friday, January 28, 2011

Social & Mobile Media Strategies For Healing and Change

NOTE: THIS POPULAR PODCAST ORIGINALLY AIRED IN 2011. Seeking new  panelists for a future new podcast on this topic. Email me if you are interested in being a guest: Thank you.

Open, authentic, collaborative, exchanges. Do these words instantly come to mind when you hear or see the words social or mobile media? What does comes to mind for many people are the names of popular services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn that have become viewed as less social and more a growing wild west for business sales and marketing campaigns.

These uses get a great deal of coverage in the press, but less is publicized about the application of these interactive channels for humanitarian, healing, and spiritual intentions. 

Would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have leveraged social and mobile media to achieve his dream as Barack Obama did to become the first bi-racial, African-American president of the U.S.? Who is using social and mobile media to reach out and touch our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits, and how are they doing it? Or, perhaps a better question is who isn’t?

Join us at a discussion to explore these questions, plus offer answers and solutions from guest Barry Libert (CEO of Mzinga and author of Social Nation) and David Blide (Internet Consulting & Management). Jon Hansen is the Guest Co-Host (PI Social Media Network, SoAct! Network, host of PI Window on Business on Internet Radio, and author of two social media books).


Valerie Michele Oliver is the producer and host .

Call-in with your questions and share your stories: (347) 202-0238. Miss the LIVE show? Listen to the podcast on-demand 24/7.

Photo: Barry Libert (far left), David Blide (left), Jon Hansen (right), Val Oliver (far right)

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