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The Healing Artist Studio Project: It's What?

While in the process of inviting people to be guest bloggers for What's Up, Twelve?, a question came up about what I do: what is The Healing Artist Studio Project? Are you a art therapist, a practitioner, a coach, a mentor, energy worker, a spiritual counselor? What is your modality? Good questions. I've been grappling with it for years now, trying to discover how I can fit myself into the new forms and paradigms and practices for mind, body, spirit and soul wellness in which I see many of my friends and colleagues having settled into (and some still exploring?). Ones into which, no matter how hard I tried to fit into comfortably, they just didn't work for me after all the schooling, seminars, workshops, mentors, consultations, special healing and writing groups.  

My Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) issues began to kick-up big time, and it began to seem to me that everyone else had found their groove, receiving financial income at it to boot, while I was stuck frustrated and wondering if I'm the only one having this experience (including not at peace with the current solutions of how best to BRAND for success). So, I have to stop worrying about it.

The Four Directions Combination Cocktail (Shaking Rattle Now!)
This situation has lead me to pray, meditate, contemplate and reach into my healing artist palette for some direction. I dip my brush into a few colors on my palette, mix them together, and four factors (direction resources) come into view:
  • (1) my experiences with using the Chumpi stones (CHILL Illumination) taught at Sacred Center's Mystery School to transform negative experiences into allies and transcend negativity;

  • (2) a spiritual principle I learned from Recoveries Anonymous, a unique, spiritual-based 12 step program that says, "You will not wish to shut the door on your past (including negative experiences) for you will begin to see how your experiences can benefit others" [I'm para-phrasing here though I put it in quotes for emphasis] and a proven solution to become recovered by a total restoration to sanity that no human power can provide";
  • (3) another experience with CHILL that helped me to come to know that the Power greater than myself that no human can provide (The Creator) is within me; and
  • (4) a return to my childhood to revisit what sparked and held my interest and passion before traumatic incidences that lead to my PTSD took root.
  • Also, the blog posts of D.K. Brainard encouraged me to know that I'm not alone since he has also been grappling with his gifts as a singer/songwriter/musician/astrologer/coach-therapist for the soul.
When I Grow Up I Wanna Be
As a child, my imagination, wonder, and passion was fired by the arts, mystical and spiritual phenomena. I wanted to be a visual artist. I loved books. I loved writing. I loved watching TV and films. I loved the theater. I was raised by strong, deeply spiritual African-American women (of African, Turtle Island/American Indigenous, English, and Welsh descent) who believed in being of service to their communities, of having a social impact during the turbulent times in which they lived by effecting change person-to-person, and at other times in mass quantities.

During times when I was being abused and developing PTSD, angels protected me in ways that helped me to transcend those tragic moments in real-time. They are my hero. There's so much more to say about this, but I'll be using the award-winning Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project to write about some of those experiences as soon as I get the green light to act on the courage the Creator is giving me to try help others, even though it's uncomfortable (i.e., the PTSD symptom of fearing what others may say or do to hurt me). Suffice it to say that I wanted to still have a relationship with the angels as I began to grow up: I wanted to be a hero like they were to me (and still are).

So with all this said, is the description written at the top of this blog true? The answer: Yes. It is.

Angel-Guided Star Sigil for
Television Series
Back to It's What?
The Healing Artist Studio Project is a MULTI-MEDIA artist with a healing intent. My vision as an artist has me creating and using a MULTI-MEDIA palette: writing, films, TV, theater, visual art energetic mystical forms like Angel-Guided Star Sigils, music; visual, energetic forms like Chumpi stones; spiritual counseling as an ordained minister (Universal Life Church); custom vision plans for those guided my way; radio events; and serving as a CURATOR for others who have healing intentions through The Healing Artist Studio blog, the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project blog, The Healing Artist Studio Project Channel, and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). 

What The Healing Artist Studio Project does now is whatever (whenever) the Creator--my Greater Reality--guides me to accomplish through acting in service as a "Co-Creator", "Lightbearer", "Messenger", "Pipe Carrier", "Leader", "Writer", "Filmmaker", "Producer", "Director", "Songwriter", "Entrepreneur", "Investor", and "Healer" through the art and architecture of creation and spirituality; as I become healed and directed by the Creator.

Life (and I as a artist and human being) are always in a state of change. The Healing Artist Studio Project is no different. I can't stop changing, healing, re-arranging, adapting, questioning, exploring, growing until the day I take my final breath on this earth. My Creator is getting through to me loud and clear, that I will always be a work in progress--and so it is with The Healing Artist Studio Project. I appreciate those of you who support me (or this entity), care to share as guest bloggers, or perhaps are just curious to stay tuned as well. Also thank you to those of you who have recommended people to me as a practitioner who helped others when I had an office to do so. I'm grateful to have been valued for being of service in the past as a "hands on" healing artist with clients. At this point (for the most part), I am referring people to others providing services in my network, and will be sharing who they are, the part they have played in my life, and continue to offer guest blogging opportunities as a "curator."

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Visit my profile on LinkedIn for a comprehensive list of the projects and their status. I will begin to share more about them here at this blog in the future (as much as I can due to confidentiality agreements), and include how you may become a co-creator (cast, crew, investor, or producer or as a project member in some other capacity) along with others who support them.

In the words of the child character, Tiny Tim, in the story A Christmas Carol written by Mr. Charles Dickens . . . "God bless us, Everyone."


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  1. Extreme healing & recovery in your post, Valerie. "Just to the extent that you do as you think He would have you, & humbly rely on Him, does He enable you to match calamity with serenity." Faith means courage... Recoveries Anonymous Newcomer Guide p4. Your friend,

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and support, Patti. Doing my best to carry the vision of my Creator's will forward. What a journey!


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