Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Standing Naked In Rose Petals" is Published! | A Different Kind of Memoir

Join me at The Healing Artist Studio radio channel for a live interview with Eleanora Amendolara, the book author, on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 3:00pm. Read more details by clicking this link!

It's quite a wonderful feeling to have completed a journey that resulted in the publication of Standing Naked In Rose Petals following extensive interviews, a near death experience while traveling in Peru for the project, the writing process, long bouts with editing, creating the book design, reviewing the cover design, and navigating the online publishing system to finally see it appear on Amazon and in one's hand. I'm so very grateful to have been chosen by the author, Eleanora Amendolara, to collaborate on this book with her. The experience was life changing for me; the book is written to be so for those who are open to it. Read it and enjoy your own journey.

"We read about a woman’s powerful life as a healer, teacher, shaman, and recognize them as aspects of our own identity. Eleanora’s biography, commentary and the testimonials in the book energetically trigger memories that reveal our own divinity. It is time to remember who we are!"
~Suzy Meszoly, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author of Infinite Universe

"Unravel the threads of self-limitations, expand into new awakenings and find the essence of who you truly are through reading this book. The keys we need to unlock ourselves are provided. Standing Naked in Rose Petals shines as a guide to self awakening."
~ Fiona Whitmore, Founder, Healix Institute and Co-founder, Healix Academy, Author of Auras and Chakras 911.

Standing Naked in Rose Petals is a creative nonfiction book that expands and transforms the memoir genre."
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Healing Artist Studio, The Visible Ghostwriter for SNRP

Order Standing Naked In Rose Petals.

Visit the Author's Book Page on her web site.

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