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What's Up, Twelve?: Numerology & the Number 12 (3) by Stefanie Campione (Guest Blogger)

The Healing Artist Studio Project welcomes guest blogger, Stefanie Campione of Stefanina's Numerology! Stefanina describes what she offers as "Spirit Centered Readings, Coaching and Consulting". The majority of her clients are women in transition, who need career and relationship answers and guidance. 

In October, I was happy to introduce her book, The Power of Numerology: A Guidebook To Discover the Unknown You, that debuted on in the Top Ten of New Book Releases. The post includes an interview conducted on The Healing Artist Studio Project's radio channel. The women who received readings on the radio described her work as "Accurate" . . . "Amazing!" . . . . "I'm Speechless" . . . so without further ado, here's Stefanina's contribution to the question for November: What's Up, Twelve? (view the original post that led to exploring 12, that includes the interview with her in action!).

What's Up, Twelve? Numerology & the Number 12 (3) 
by Stefanie Campione, Stefanina's Numerology

One Plus Two Equals Three (1+2=3)
Can You Say Intuitive to the Third Power?
In numerology the 12 takes on three (3) energies: One (1) energy is about being the leader, boss, idea person, innovator and a little nasty. It's very intuitive. Two (2) energy is the power behind the power, the brains, the heart, kind and patient, but can be a (luna)tic at times. Also, it is an intuitive number. Three (3) energy is the lover, communicator, the one who doesn’t like to plan, lives for today, and enjoys the finer things in life. The three (3) energy can be very cranky at times and everyone around them will feel it. It joins one (1) and two (2) as an intuitive number. The number 12/3 holds the energy of self love.

One, Two, Three, Baby You and Me
The number one (1) is male dominant. The number two (2) is female dominant. The number three (3) is created when the one (1) and the two (2) are joined together. Therefore, the two (2, coupling) and three (3, creating) are love numbers.

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Twelve is a Number of Completion and Spirituality
There is one common factor to the number 12 whether it is associated with chakras, the calendar, biblical, or numerology; this number is the number of completion. If you see the number 12 all around you, the universe is showing you it’s time to turn over a new leaf by wrapping it up, it’s done, it’s over, get a move on.

People with a 12 birth day, or destiny, or personality or attitude are very spiritual and have the ability to co-create; because you enjoy being the leader as well as working with a team. If you are born on the 12th day, you are usually the center of attention, are adaptable, energetic and professional in your work. You are perceptive when it comes to dealing with other people; you can see right through them.

Twelve (12) people are family conscious and are open and friendly, wearing your heart on your sleeve.  At times you can be very shy. Number 12 represents education on all levels, requiring the submission of the will as well as the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom for your Spirit and Intellect.

Put it all together and you are someone who is meant to stand out, stand up and be noticed, be your own boss, lead by example, learn to ask for help, and have no problem saying what is on your mind. You need to use your heart in all you do and limit the time you stay in you head.  Love the work you do to the point where the money feels like it’s a reward for doing what you truly love.

Depending on the placement of 12 in your chart, you can be very faithful, loyal and honest.

In closing, I would like to say that the number 12 is a powerful, loving, spiritual, intuitive number.

If you have calculated your numerology numbers and discovered you have a 12/3 in your core numbers or attitude, the information provided in this article is a general interpretation and should not take the place of a professional numerology reading.  It is however a good place to begin and discover the unknown you…


So now, after reading this post, I see the number 12 as sealing the deal. Yeah, completing the form, a powerful spiritual form with a lot of clout whether it is 12 Disciples, 12 Astrology Signs, 12 Chumpi stones, 12 Chakras, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Ideals, 12 Months, Angel Number 12, or 12 (fill in the blank).

Become informed and grow with Stefanina by gifting yourself what she offers via her web site and by purchasing her new book, The Power of Numerology: A Guidebook To Discover the Unknown You (Five Star Rating). The holidays are just around the corner. Blessings and Namaste.

Thank you, Stefanina!

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