Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Content On Creator's Corner: Creativity & Storytelling Muse (August 9, 2107)

Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain in "The Thorn Birds" (Credit: ABC)

 Best Content Uses Current & Past Life Stories:
Honoring Tom Comerford, R.I.P. 
(Story of the Month: August 2017)

Tom Comerford. I was in shock, depressed, and lost after the death of my mother. Tom was a District Manager for the State of New Jersey's Division of Youth & Family Services. He hired me to provide payments to all the foster care parents in the huge district. He helped me get back on my feet mentally, emotionally, and financially; and that job led to meeting my best friend who has been in my life for 37 years. Continue reading . . .

Access more content about this best practice of using past and current life experiences as storytelling content to attract and engage your audience, readers, clients, and customers.

Dare to shine, be generous, and love this life.



CREATOR'S CORNER is dedicated to sharing ideas that come to mind after reading and selecting articles for The Creativity & Storytelling 'Zine (as the editor/curator) that may be useful in a professional or personal capacity. Interest in creativity and storytelling as content for usage in arts & entertainment, media communications, marketing and advertising, and as lifestyle choices for businesses, projects and services (groups that have a way of life that may or may not be included in their brand identity), can be relevant to anyone anywhere in the world covering a variety of professions. 

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