Friday, August 10, 2012

What Do We Believe About Love? The Podcast of the Event Was Averaging 1,000 Listens Per Week.

The Healing Artist Studio (HAS) has over 5,300 (as of 10/24/12) listens to this podcast of the live event: Kokopelli's Lounge | Venus | What We Believe About Love? Those of us who live with PTSD often experience intense duality and confusion about love, so I needed to answer the call to go deeper into my own experiences with love as reflected in and inspired by music. What do we believe about love? This Healing Artist Studio podcast of a live event takes a look at this question via songs selected and briefly discussed to answer the question featuring artists that include Jill Scott, Gloria Gaynor, Aretha Franklin, Amber Ojeda, Otis Redding, Deborah Jordan, Melissa Manchester, Carol Welsman, Barbra Streisand, Meika Pauley, and more).

What could be better than connecting heart-to-heart, exploring the facets of love without judging any of it, respecting Kokopelli's trickster treasure to reveal and help us heal?

Link Treasure Keys:
- Venus and the Freedom to Be Yourself
- Dark Star Astrology
- Tom Lescher: Astrology Forecast for July 18, 2012
- Tori Hartman: Psychic Readings

1 - Jill Scott | Hear My Call | Buy
2 - Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive | Buy
3 - Barbra Streisand | Don't Rain On My Parade (from "Funny Girl") | Buy
4 - Otis Redding | Try A Little Tenderness | Buy
5 - Aretha Franklin | Respect | Buy
6 - Deborah Jordan | Want It Back | Buy
7 - Amber Ojeda | Lady Like | Buy
8 - Tom Davis featuring Junior Bear | This Girl | Buy
9 - Mieka Pauley | Wreck | Buy
10 - Van Morrison | Moondance | Buy
11 - Luciana Souza | When We Dance | Buy
12 - Carol Welsman | Where Can I Go Without You | Buy
13 - Philip Clark | From Dusk Till Dawn | Buy
14 - Melissa Manchester | Home To Myself | Buy

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