Friday, August 12, 2011

A GOLD PARTY! Cash-In & Transform In More Ways Than One! August 16th!

Join me in celebrating the double rainbow and gold at the special GOLD PARTY event I am co-hosting. 

A Gold Party is being held on Tuesday, August 16 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at RealFit Studios, The Towne Center, 1069 Ringwood Avenue, Suite 301 in Haskell, NJ. 

This special event stems from a dream that turned into an awakening experience I had a couple of weeks ago about the double rainbow and gold (the inner and outer). I shared the story about it here on this blog. Read the story. I have office space at RealFit Studios, so I spoke to the owners (Dana Lee Chapman & Steve Shattls), and an event planner (my sister Cecille Thomason) about hosting an event at RealFit to manifest the dream into a reality. We came up with the following to offer you (Click Here for details & to R.S.V.P. by Saturday, August 13):

* Free Cycling, BodyPump & Yoga classes

* Free Energy Balancing, Cleansing & Healing Consultations
* Special Fitness & Healing (Awakening & 
Transformation) Packages
* Gold to Cash Exchange (Gold value is at $1700/oz as of 8/9/11)
* Free Food Catered, B.Y.O. Wine & a Friend!

Call or email me for more info. We look forward to seeing you!

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  1. The Gold Party was a success! We reached our minimum goal, plus a bit more, and there may be more to come from this event! Thanks to everyone who participated, who benefited, and to those who sent well wishes for prosperity! "I am not alone. I am one with all." ~ Tom Lescher ♥


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