Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Astrology Energy for Groundhog Day Week in 2012!

Here's a wonderful astrology forecast for the Groundhog Day week! There are two astrologer's forecasts to which I pay attention on a regular basis: Tom Lescher (Pele Report) and D.K. Brainard (Words for the People | Personal Evolution Astrology). I discovered D.K. through a good friend who is a healer, perssonal and corporate life coach. D.K. sends a weekly e-newsletter to subscribers that includes a link to his free written, and extensive audio forecasts (reasonably priced) for the week. Tom lives in Hawaii and videotapes the weekly Pele Report - an astrology forecast in which his personality and humor are vital components. He is so "down-to-earth" with his forecasts and I hear myself laughing every week! I shared the Pele Report with a friend and solopreneur who was going through some intense challenging times concerning her business, and Tom's reports helped her to clearly see how the celestial phenomena were impacting her own life and business. She began going with the cosmic flow and it has made a difference. As Tom says: "Aloha everyone. Namaste."

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