Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Healing and the Greater Reality: Numerology | Know Your Numbers!

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NUMEROLOGY | Know Your Numbers!



"I'm Speechless."

These are some of the words callers used to describe the numerology analysis they received during this live broadcast of what is now a new podcast!

- Is #1 the loneliest number?

- What are the TOP TWO concerns facing women who are seeking help?

- Does music featuring numbers have a common theme?

Special guest star, Gifted Numerologist, STEFANIE CAMPIONE of P3 Coaching, discusses the power of numbers to chart life events, romantic compatibility, career direction, and insights into our personality to help create our new stories. Every reading she conducted for callers ended with hearty and sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Music: Three Dog Night, The Marvelettes, and Len Barry

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