Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evolving As Earth Angels | Changes

via Val Oliver on Facebook . . .

"More information and validation about THE CHANGES we are experiencing that helps make sense of it all. Why does it feel like we are not moving forward fast enough despite all our activity, or not moving at all? Why is it so difficult to get work, to create that song, or film, or painting, or business that we used to do almost effortlessly and easily? Why is that back aching, and why are our physical issues being more difficult to heal despite ALL that we are doing to alleviate them? I don't know about you, but I need resources like this to help me ENDURE and be at PEACE during it. Thanks to all of your who have contributed to helping me and others . . ."

Here is an excerpt from "Emerging Earth Angels" website.

Disregarding the recession here in the US or elsewhere as a cause:
  • Have you felt in recent years and months, that you were stretching far beyond what you had the capacity to endure?
  • Have you had many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else?
  • Have you experienced dizziness and vertigo, neck and back pain, an intolerance for lower vibrating energy, and abdominal weight gain and bloating?
  • Do you wonder who you are looking at in the mirror? Had a loss of identity?
  • Have you been “removed” from your usual means of employment and cannot seem to find another job, even though you never had this problem in the past?

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