Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kokopelli's Lounge | New Moon | Galactic Treasure Podcast Mix


YOU'RE WELCOME TO HELP YOURSELF TO A GALACTIC TREASURE. It's a combination cocktail mix of the happenings: the stars, the moon, the planatery bodies, and the forms that are connected and vibrate to them. Hey! That's us!

There's so much treasure (some visible, some buried) in the inner, outer, above, below and in-between realms. What's represented here is purely what attracted me to tune in via my own channel that I'm happy to share with you. I've pointed my antenna and this is what I've received in commentary, musings, and music.

You don't have to dig hard for these galactic nuggets: the New Moon in Gemini; Gemini having it's way with other planetary bodies in the cosmos; Venus winking at going direct; at-tunes via crystal singing bowls, astrologers, healers, words, and music vibes of the celestial kind.

This ship is about to sail.  I'm your Captain and Host. There will be no mutiny. Only bounty.

Track List
1 - Volons Ver La Lune | Carol Welsman | Buy
2 - I Remember | Deadmaus5 feat. Kaskad | E-Go Lounge 1-2-8 on Podomatic
3 - Wishery | Nick Bertke-Producer | Mix by Pogo | on YouTube
4 - Feelin A Mood | Original Mix by Bassik Groove | Buy
5 - Couldn't Get Much Higher | SamMcLaren Broadcasting
6 - What You See | Deborah Jordan | Buy
7 - The Way Out | Andrew Eales | on SoundCloud
8 - Promise | Shauna-Kay Hamilton | on Sound Cloud
9 - Get Through | Deborah Jordan | Buy
10 - Twilight | Carol Welsman | Buy

Keys to This Treasure
- Bill Attride | Astrologer
- Suzy Meszoly | Master Channel & Healer
- Phillipe Garnier | Sound Energy Therapy | Sound Healing
- DK Brainard | Words for the People: Personal Evolution Astrology
- Eleanora Amendolara | Healer+Shaman+Teacher+Author | Sacred Center
- Michele Avanti | Astrologer
- Marina E Partridge | Dark Star Astrology
- Jana Groscost Matthews | New Moon Manifesting
- Lauren Gorgo | Think With Your Heart
- Sun Bear @ Dreams and Dreaming | Download the MP3
- Valerie Michele Oliver | Healer+Writer+Filmmaker+Producer | More Podcasts! 

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