Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Healing and the Greater Reality: The New Stories | Introduction to Angel-Guided, Star Sigils on Blog Talk Radio

Becoming One With the Greater Reality and Our New Stories By Embracing Star Creation and Alignment

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Valerie Michele hosted a program event featuring Numerologist Stefanie Campione, and gave a spirited introduction to Angel-Guided, Star Sigils. This podcast is an excerpt from the show. It includes why Valerie is drawn to create them for personal and professional purposes.
Valerie was guided by Archangels to believe that the star nation includes our own personal constellation, and that many more are created with words and intentions to populate the cosmos.

Angel-Guided, Star Sigils™ are multidimensional star constellations, that reveals our archetypes, provides oracle guidance & angel numbers, and offers intuitive intelligence in one form to support our process of becoming at peace with who we are and imagine to be growing.

For more information or to schedule a consultation: Email Valerie Michele or call (973) 750-8654.

Music: "Stars" by Janis Ian, performed by Barbara Cook on her "As Of Today" album.

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