Thursday, February 14, 2013

Healing & the Greater Reality: The New Stories (Angel-Guided Star Sigils & Numerology)

Starmaking and Star Alignment

Ever wonder or imagine when looking up at the stars shining so bright if you have a star among them? Do you believe that stars are part of our own story to claim and to use to guide us? 

Valerie Michele was guided by Archangels to believe that the star nation includes our own personal constellation, and that many more are created with words, intentions and thoughts to populate the cosmos.

An Angel-Guided, Star Sigil™ is a multidimensional star constellation, that reveals our archetypes, provides oracle guidance and angel numbers, and offers intuitive intelligence in one form. Connect to your cosmic energetic blueprint through Angel-Guided, Star Sigils grounded in sacred synchronicity. Discover how useful they are to empower us, our businesses, our projects, our intentions, life purpose and soul mission. 

Call-in and receive a free Angel-Guided Star Sigil number calculation, or a discounted Angel-Guided, Star Sigil offer.

Know Your Numbers!

Gifted Numerologist, Stefanie Campione of P3 Coaching, will discuss the power of numbers to chart life events, romantic compatibility, career direction, and insight into our personalities to help create our new stories. 

Call-in and receive a free, instant numerology mini-reading on the air.

Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013
Time: 4:00pm EST
Space: The Healing Artist Studio | Internet Channel | Blog Talk Radio


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