Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is There More Good or Bad in the World? What People Are Saying.

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Many people say they are tired of hearing nothing but bad news. These are three out-on-the-town, on-the-spot interviews to get an opinion on one major question: Is there more good or bad in the world today?

I began conducting these interviews while going about my daily life, and considering ideas about how to contribute to sharing good news to balance out so much negativity reported by the global news media.

The People Speak!

These interviews are with Robin, a 41-year-old teacher and jewelry artist; Gloria, a 26-year-old financial risk analyst on Wall Street and her husband; and Lisa, a 27-year-old teacher with her boyfriend or husband. 

Expanding Into Fresh, Individual Good News Content

Perhaps this can be expanded upon as a project by using a mix of research, blog writing, vlogging, producing and hosting live "call-in" interviews via Internet radio, podcasting, and travel to continue these brief "on-the-spot" interviews in which people share their views about the news and share their own good news. I see this as an engaging interactive format that can impact the inequity in news writing and reporting as cited by the public. If you're interested in sponsoring it, email me at:, or just run with it yourself.

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