Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration 2016: The DJ Dance Love Mix

Cupid's Hunt is the premiere online collaboration event where DJs and podcasters from all over the Internet release loved-themed music mixes all on the same day: Valentine's Day!
Love To Dance and Love DJs Playing Love Music

This year for Cupid's Hunt, I decided to create a podcast of some of my favorite love songs for dancing to get the blood, body, and love emotions pumping strong! This is a hot mix that features House, Electronic House, and Deep House. There's plenty of LOVE in this House mix, and I enjoyed creating it to share with you. So turn it up LOUD to hear through your stereo speakers to share love with family and friends.

Visit my Podcast page to read the playlist, like, and download it to your computer, iPad, iPhone, or other device for listening at anytime. Love and dancing happen more than one day of the year!

Happy VALentine's Day! Enjoy . . .

How do YOU get involved with
Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration project 
for next year? 

That’s easy! Click Here to go over to the Collaboration Event page on Facebook and Like It. Stay tuned during the month of January in 2017. You'll be invited to create a music and/or audio podcast with a Valentine’s Day theme: good love, bad love, want love, hate love… it doesn’t matter, go where ever your creativity takes you. Once your CH podcast is finished you will post it online before Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2017). That's all your have to do to participate in this global love music event!

Top Visitors/Top Countries (Last 7 Days)

1) United States - Welcome! 
2) Germany - Willkommen!
3) France - Bienvenue!

4) Brunei - Salamat Detang!
5) India - स्वागत!

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