Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Heal Our Living & Business Environments One Space at a Time

Turtles represent the earth, being in
balance, and always secure at home
on land and in the water.
Holistic health includes healing the earth and physical environment stress on and in which we live, work and play (Holistic form of Homeowners and Office Insurance). Today we know that stress is the major contributor to illness and disease in multiple forms: mental, emotional, physical, energy and spiritual. 

The word "physical" often refers to the human body; however, the "physical aspects" that are not included in the traditional definition are geopathic (earth) stress, atmospheric (heavy energy forms) stress, and traumatic events stress that are present on our land, and at our homes and business locations. Also, damage occurs when we use electronic devices that are stationary and mobile. This is an expanded holistic approach. It's all connected. I heal and facilitate healing these situations.

Here are a few brief situations for which I recommend a free consultation:
  • You are in the market to purchase or rent a home or business space. You would like piece of mind by knowing the property, house, or office is free of geopathic or any other kind of stress (Holistic Form of Homeowners or Business Space Insurance). Perhaps you love the place and now that you know about the stress, you'll rest easier knowing it won't be a problem for you.
  • Your business isn't going very well at your location. There are problems that won't go away: gossip, fatigue, general negativity amoung staff and clients. No matter what you do, something is still off. You feel stuck about what to do about it.

  • You are a real estate agent and despite the apartment, house, business, or property looking good and the price being right, it's just not selling. Plus, you want that "edge" for being known as an agent whose clients are always pleased with your sales. In some cases you sell a particular property but no one is successful there, so it keeps bouncing back to you.
  • Your pets are out of control. They are pooping and urinating in the house, are exhibiting anxiety or other unsettling behaviors, and you KNOW it's not because they don't get enough love and attention from you, their veterinarian, or personal energy practitioner.
  • You have addressed your (or family members) personal mental, emotional, physical, energy, or spiritual issues but STILL they persist: you can't get a good night sleep; have anxiety, headaches, nightmares, joint problems, fatigue, mental disorders, addiction issues (and you're working those steps like crazy). In some cases you live at a lake or near another body of water.
  • A traumatic event happened in your living or business space: a catastrophic illness; intense drug use; child, domestic, elder, animal or some other form of abuse; suicide, or some other lingering energy forms.
  • You have or use multiple electromagnetic appliances, entertainment, information, and communication devices (stationary and mobile).
As a certified healing artist I have a large palette of resources for custom solutions that may include energy cleansing and balancing; an Angel-Guided, Quantum Star Sigil for your home or business; a vision board, or a combination. In most cases I don't need to physically visit your location: a blueprint or detailed drawing will suffice.  Clients pay expenses for travel beyond 30 miles for on-site visits.

I'm so grateful to have received confirmation through my experiences, plus written and verbal testimonials that what I offer as a healing artist is valued.

The sidebar to the right of this page includes my contact information to schedule a free consultation. Fees are based upon the size of the space and the solution.

Let's heal our living and business environments one space at a time.

Healing Arts Practitioner Certification: Sacred Center Academy of Healing Arts & Sciences

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