Friday, July 13, 2012

Kokopelli's Lounge | Venus | Love Be A Lady | Treasure

Kokopelli by Allen Littlebear
VENUS | LOVE BE A LADY is a podcast from the music and mystical spectrum. This one weaves multiple stories, the multi-aspects, the WHOLENESS of the Venus, the feminine (light, dark, and in between) and various KEY energies that inspired this podcast. Plenty of ladies (and men) will be be on this frequency letting us know that love does indeed have many expressions (e.g., Jill Scott, Gloria Gaynor, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Amber Ojeda, Otis Redding, K.D. Lang, Melissa Manchester, Frank Sinatra, Melissa Etheridge, Carol Welsman, Lanie Kazan, Barbra Streisand, Pink, Tony Bennett, Dolly Parton, and more). Enjoy!

Recognize yourself? Recognize Someone Else?
CALL INTO the LIVE PROGRAM on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 12:00am Midnight EST on The Healing Artist Studio channel on Blog Talk Radio to share our own love stories spectrum based upon what is stimulated by listening to this podcast. LEARN MORE HERE.

Keys to the Treasure
Love | Beauty | Venus | Full Moon | Astrology | Cancer | Home | Claim Wholeness | Occultation | CHILL | Integrating Duality | Alchemy | Shadow | Multi-realities | BIMAL (Best, Ideal, Most Advantageous and Loving) | Pure | Treasure | DK Brainard | | "Nothing is, everything is becoming." | Heraclitus | "I try to live in a constant state of becoming, knowing that everything already is." | Eleanora Amendolara | "Become the creation." | Valerie Michele Oliver | Standing Naked in Rose Petals | Unique | Star Connection | Chumpi Sigils | Music Energy | Archangel Ariel | Archangel Metatron | Kokopelli

Treasure Links
- Venus and the Freedom to Be Yourself | DK Brainard
- Standing Naked in Rose Petals | Eleanora Amendolara
- Dark Star Astrology | Marina E. Patridge
- The Others | Drama, Mystery, Thriller Feature Film

Tracklist (Note: Links to BUY tracks & albums located HERE)
1 - Jill Scott | Hear My Call
2 - Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive
3 - Barbra Streisand | Don't Rain On My Parade (from "Funny Girl")
4 - Otis Redding | Try A Little Tenderness
5 - Aretha Franklin | Respect
6 - Deborah Jordan | Want It Back
7 - Amber Ojeda | Lady Like
8 - Tom Davis featuring Junior Bear | This Girl
9 - Mieka Pauley | Wreck
10 - Lena Horne | The Lady Is A Tramp (featured in "Babes in Arms")
11 - Quincy Jones and his Orchestra | Along Came Betty
12 - Frank Sinatra | Luck Be A Lady (featured in "Guys and Dolls")
13 - The Fabulous Pink Flamingos | Lady Marmalade (featured in "Moulin Rouge")
14 - Lou Rawls | Lady Love
15 - Carol Welsman | Where Can I Go Without You
16 - Phillip Clark | From Dusk Till Dawn
17 - Lainie Kazan | Blues In The Night (featured in "Blues in the Night")
18 - Melissa Etheridge | Come To My Window
19 - Dolly Parton & Whitney Houston | I Will Always Love You (in "The Bodyguard")
20 - Jon Lucien | Creole Lady
21 - KD Lang and Tony Bennet | Because of You (in "I Was An American Spy")
22 - Melissa Manchester | Home To Myself

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