Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Leaning In" (Prompt Flash Fiction Content Written In 15 Minutes)

Image Credit: MeteoWeb
Description: A woman takes a journey to a lagoon where she hopes to experience a healing, and experiences an emotional connection once she arrives.

We were at the lagoon: the one that is known for its magical healing properties--the one spelled with a capital L--the one that is Negra because of the dark water that represents the Void where all answers and solutions reside.

I almost didn't make it to the mid-line of the mountain where Laguna Negra makes her home, grounded between two large stone formations looking like the face of the Incan ancestors from whom the legends about her were passed on from generation-to-generation.

Anemia choked my chest, and the breath became strange and stranger to me as we made the climb to reach her sacred space of tears that flowed from the heavens down the mountain into her liquid womb to fill her up: the largest cup for the seeker.

I was so breathless that the best I could do was to lay down my burdened body over a flat rock and lean my face in as close as I could, darkness regarding darkness.


You can also LISTEN to the reading of the story (1:18 minutes)


Use short stories and short films to add value to your content. This is a creative option useful to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, self-publishers, authors, and others in the creative, content and marketing arenas who need fresh stories for projects, products and services (text, audio, video, or consider this innovative interactive format).

A story like Leaning In has application potential for travel, environment, personal growth and wellness (e.g. mental illness support, non-smoking support), a product (something rising out of the darkness of the lagoon), vision (can't see the wonderful world in the water until putting on eyeglasses or in contacts)--so many possibilities.

Existing stories can be purchased or optioned for use through contacting the owners (just like producers, production companies & studios in the entertainment industry), or you can come up with your own stories to add value to your content, then write them yourself or hire a ghostwriter. You might also consider getting the usage rights to an excerpt from a fiction or nonfiction novel or short story that you can adapt for your own creative vision.

Note: Leaning In was written while participating in a writer's group with about 11 participants in Northern, NJ. A number of  writing prompts were provided, "leaning in" was one of them, and we all had fifteen minutes to write a story using that prompt.

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