Friday, August 7, 2015

"Touch of Grace" Radio Program Features Filmmakers of "TUCHT", a "Different" Child Abuse Themed Movie

LISTEN TO Touch of Grace with GD Grace on Blog Talk Radio to learn more about UNáTI Independent FilmWorks and our feature film Tucht that originally aired on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 1:30pm PT / 2:30pm MT / 3:30 CT / 4:30 EST. 

We must utilize Hollywood not only to Entertain, but to Educate & Inspire." ~Ossie Davis (Actor)

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"UNáTI is truly Important & Heroic work." ~Maya Angelou (Author, Poet, Actress)

UNáTI is a Sanskrit word that means The Healing Power of the Performing Arts.
Tucht is an independent feature film that has been garnering significant industry attention based on the exceptional reception of the script due to its controversial yet inspiring subject-matter and support from the makers of Oscar-winning films.

"Tucht is the Hero’s Journey story, and in the case of our film, it's the Heroine’s (the protagonist) and the Anti-Hero’s (antagonist) journeys, as well as those of three characters close to the protagonist. The question is: who will breakthrough the horrors of the past and present to an enlightened future, and who will not?”
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

Tucht is a psychological-thriller with dark-comedy elements
inspired by the true-stories of eight (8) remarkable lives told through five (5) young adult characters who are child abuse survivors.

"As a survivor of multiple child abuse incidences, I can tell you that Tucht shines a light on the deep, destructive, chain-effect ‪PTSD‬ cycle; and how the powers of love and forgiveness can help survivors to BREAK that cycle."
~Valerie Michele Oliver, Director/Co-Executive Producer

JOIN US! GD Grace (the producer/host), Alex Molina (Creative Director, UNáTI--Writer/Director, Tucht), Anthony Commodore (Senior Producer, Tucht), and me, Valerie Michele Oliver (Director/Co-Executive Producer, Tucht).

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