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Creator's Corner: Original Creativity & Storytelling Content Roundup for 2016

NOTE: Creator's Corner is now being published on Wordpress, so you can access and read all of the columns (past and future) easily at one location. Click Here.

IT'S TIME FOR AN UPDATED ROUND-UP OF  CREATOR'S CORNER FOR EASIER ACCESS TO THE CREATIVITY COACHING CONTENT HERE with a brief excerpt and link to each one (March 2016 to December 2016)--in the spirit of "Everything we need for creativity & storytelling success is within our grasp." Of course it may not be everything we need, however; between Creator's Corner and the Creativity & Storytelling 'Zine, there is a hearty helping.

I BEGAN WRITING CREATOR'S CORNER IN AN INFLUENCER, COACHING, INSPIRATIONAL CAPACITY to share original ideas and solutions for you to consider based on my own thoughts and experiences inspired by the curated content in the Creativity & Storytelling 'Zine. Due to my work and volunteer schedule, Creator's Corner columns will not be as plentiful as in the past, but I will be posting new content as space clears to do so. Cheers! 


Creator's Corner Round-up (March-December 2016)

Best Visual Content = Storytelling Solutions via A&E Professionals - December 24, 2016 | Stage32 (One of my favorite websites) invites its members to select 10 films that we would take with us if we knew we were going to be stranded on a desert island.

Lies & Storytelling: Strange Bedfellows in Shades of Gray) - August 14, 2016 | Liar! Who hasn't had to enter into an almost daily relationship with lies in our political climate today as we countdown to choosing our next president of the United States of America (#45). . . .

Best Storytelling Has Sensory Empathy (or It's Important To Engage the Senses) - July 27, 2016 | I had the responsibility of creating visual content (publications, packaging, and safer sex advertising campaings) to help save the lives of men, women, and children at-risk for HIV/AIDS during the fours years that I worked at Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. in New York City . . .  

Get Up to Speed On Quality Do-It-Yourself Storytelling (On a Low Budget) - June 25, 2016 | In our world in which content is king/queen and we must use vital creativity and storytelling mojo, and provide it in ways that engage, inspire and energize our fellow humans, what can we do to achieve quality . . .

Best Storytelling is Copied, Stolen Content? (or The Lighter Shade of Led Zeppellin) - June 5, 2016 | Breakout from traditional approaches and models despite potential flack that you might receive from doubters or critics who aren't as courageous, and/or fear conflict or change.

The Joy Is in the Story Journey (or Mission Impossible) - May 18, 2016 | What really kept me on the edge of my seat wasn't the mission getting accomplished or the end (though I was happy to get the payoff): it was everything that occurred prior to actually accomplishing it.

**YOUR TOP STORY**Best Story Content Grounded In Our Past & Current Life - May 4, 2016 | Lisa Sanderson's dad taught the creative writing elective, and he drilled into our heads the following regarding story content: Write about what you know, what you are . . .

Conflict Has Creative Value. Learn How To Use It. - April 19, 2016 | Creative breakthroughs often occur as the result of conflict in many aspects of the human experience. I feel like screaming again because conflict and contrast commands attention. They SHOUT and we. . .

Here Comes Play-Doh - April 6, 2016 | Certainly it's easy to see that Play-Doh can be used as content to attract and communicate with children in your particular business, project or service, but what about with adults? Many of us are familiar with Play-Doh because . . .

Sacred Geometry, Visual Storytelling Content: One of Top Four Creative Trends 2016 - March 27, 2016 | Sigils are sacred geometry symbol forms that the ancients considered to be the marks of angels, deities, and other powerful entities; they are archetype conduits that merge science, creativity and spirituality.

Card Decks and The Mystic or Visionary Persona - March 25, 2016 | Create a card deck as visual content to inform, educate, inspire, attract, promote, aesthetic (purely as art for arts sake ), or for fun and play to help achieve your goal or purpose.

MAY YOU DISCOVER MORE CREATIVE ideas and storytelling support now (and in the future)  

Dare to shine, be generous, and love this life.



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