Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Moon Magic Podcast Mixes Music, Astrology and Healing

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Allen Littebear


New moons signifiy fresh beginnings and starts, and energy to go inside oneself to find buried treasure hidden in the form of dis-ease, distress, insecurity, and fears that are gold in the rough.

The image for this podcast is of Kokopelli known by many indigenous people. He is here to guide listeners through the illusion (or trickery) to the true treasure that lies beneath. Kokopelli heals through music (the flute) and storiytelling. They are our stories. 

The cosmic bodies are arranged for us to go deeper than we have before to heal the wounded parts of ourselves. We have Chiron (Wounded Healer Medicine) and Neptune to help us during the Dark Moon. Mars is in retrograde so we can turn our usual activity outside ourselves inside. Venus is in a powerful position as well while the mix is being created, as she is the Goddess of Love. 

Here is more information on the astrological energy vibrations in this podcast:

- Words for the People: Personal Evolution Astrology (DK Brainard)
- Dark Star Astrology (Marina)
- The Pisces New Moon (Pam Cucinell)

Bossa Nova is all about love, so it's the perfect music vibration in which to channel these energies. May this Bossa Lounge podcast fill you with the vibrations needed to heal your inner wounds as we fly with new moon magic.

Dedication: This podcast is dedicated to the heaing and wellness of my friend Gloria who is in the midst of chemotherapy for cancer that is destroying the white blood cells she needs to fight HIV/AIDS. 

Here . . . we . . . go!

1 - Somewhere Beyond feat. Azymuth, Marc Mac's Dillis House Mix | Nature's Plan Buy
2 - Pleasure Island | Tony Nova Buy
3 - Fly Me To The Moon | Astrud Gilberto Buy
4 - Bossa Tia | Lee Konitz & Peggy Stern Buy
5 - Canta Coração | Monica de Silva Buy
6 - Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) | Everything But the Girl Buy
7 - Romano's Bossa | Chico Chagas on SoundCloud
8 - Voce Vai Ver feat. Maucla Adnet | Slide Hampton Buy
9 - Bicycle Ride | Toninho Horta Buy
10 - Julia feat. Vera Mara & Paul Meyers | Brasil & Company Buy
11 - Não Moro Num País Tropical | Monica de Silva Buy
12 - Hello Like Before | Jon Lucien Buy
13 - The Rainbow of Your Love feat. Jon Lucien | Tania Maria Buy
14 - Fotographia feat. Manhattan Transfer | Flora Purim Buy
15 - Aqua de Beber (Waters of March) feat. Maucla Adnet | Slide Hampton Buy

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