Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relaxation (De-Stress) Rotation Playlist (Val's Picks)

Creator's Parrot Rotation Playlist (Volume One) includes my favorite music picks from guests who have appeared on my radio shows on Creator's Parrot Channel on Blog Talk Radio, plus some artists I'd love to have on "The First & Last Song" program. This playlist on iTunes is designed for some feel good CHILL energy to help you relax, or snap your finger or tap your foot a time or two. Nothing HEAVY in this mix. Sample the sound appetizers. You can download tracks at .99 each or purchase the entire set of 21 songs for $20.79. The first reviewer rates the playlist FIVE STARS and says "Love the variety of relaxation!" Let me know what you think by leaving your own brief review too. Until next time, take it easy . . . CHILL.

CLICK HERE for Creator's Parrot Rotation Playlist on iTunes (Volume One).

Special thanks to the Godfather of Podcasting, EJ FLAVORS (Life is a Remix), whose In Rotation playlists have inspired me to step out here with my own first try at one.

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