Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Arrival of Universal Love (True 2012)

Excerpt from The Arrival of Universal Love: "In other words, as we cross the threshold into 2012 we are literally waking from the dream, from the illusion of limitation. The resonance of universal LOVE that we are required to embody unlocks the proverbial gates of heaven so we are no longer trapped within the making of our unconsciously-created & holographically projected world of fear…those fears that have been providing us with ample “proof” that we are not good enough, worthy enough, loved enough, well enough, or just plain: not enough." ~Lauren C. Gorgo

As some of you may know, I receive inspiration and clarification from Lauren's blog, " The words of this Scribe either resonates with you or not. If you commit to reading more of what she has written (and especially the many, many comments from readers), perhaps you'll begin understand the power of attraction that draws and supports me and others. (Read More)

Thanks again, Lauren, for being an Oracle for Love.

Much love, light and joy to everyone.


  1. Dear Lauren: Oh I have got to get this book! It is a need-to-know the heart-based concdepts of Universal LOVE as it pertains to 2012. Feeling the shift and it is feeling good right now. Ready for the opening; are you?

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for coming over from Lauren's blog and posting your interest in reading a novel being written by Janet Dutcher and me. It will be a fiction story. I will keep you updated via email about the book. Yes! I'm with you--ready for the opening. Love, light and joy to you!


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