Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Feature Film Grounded in UNáTI: The Healing Power of the Performing Arts

I am very happy and grateful to announce that I have been selected as director of and a producer for the independent feature film, TUCHT, an UNáTI Independent FilmWorks production with support from the makers of the OSCAR-winning films ABOUT SCHMIDT, ALI, & A BEAUTIFUL MIND. (View our Teaser & Featurette Trailers).

TUCHT is a raw, gritty psycho-thriller/dark-comedy inspired by the true-story of eight (8) remarkable lives that depicts - unflinchingly - the exigent social welfare issue of child abuse, and its related issues of suicidal-depression, mental illness, domestic violence, and homicidal-tendencies. TUCHT shares a powerful message: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & FORGIVENESS can heal even the most horrific of human conditions to break the shackles of being a slave to the past.

Note: Best to watch FULL-SCREEN in HD
at the highest resolution your screen can handle.

It's not typical for a feature film to have TWO directors (But here is a short video about some great films that do!), and this speaks to the collaboration spirit of the writer/director of TUCHT, Alex Molina, as a leader in pioneering change in cinema by choosing a woman to co-direct and using the art of UNáTIUNáTI comes from the Sanskrit language and means "The Healing Power of the Performing Arts."

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