Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Am Definitely Not Perfect by Cassie Parks, Money Maven (Guest Blogger)

Cassie Parks, Money Maven
The Healing Artist Studio Project welcomes Cassie Parks, a coach, author, radio program host, and creator of  the "Money, Money, Money" course. As I recall, I discovered Cassie through a Facebook friend's post inviting friends to participate in a course she is taking (and this is the part that grabbed my attention) that offers clients the option of paying for the course AFTER they manifest the bucks! What? Did I read that right? So I read it again. Yes. I did read it right. Cassie suggested that client's pay 10% of the income they receive as a result of taking her course as an exchange for service. Immediately, I registered.

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Later, I decided to wait since I realized that in the excitement of the moment, I forgot my commitment to focus on giving myself time to deal with the PTSD fallout that has interfered with my success to fully reap the benefits of the many other programs, mentor relationships, courses, seminars, and groups in which I have participated since the early 2000s. I asked my Creator to help me stay on track with all that is before me now, and in the meantime, to act as a "Curator" by sharing what Cassie offers (See "The Healing Artist Studio Project: It's What?" and "Child Abuse PTSD Survivor: Never Thought That I Would Be Healed and Changed By This Blog"). A few days after making the decision to postpone getting into something new, I received a letter via email from Cassie about her not being perfect. I find her letter about not being perfect to be--well--perfect. She agreed to share it here as a guest blogger.

Dear Valerie,

I am definitely not perfect. 

Recently, I published a blog post with a typo in the title. Someone pointed it out in a comment on Facebook. Honestly, I had to look at it for a few minutes before I saw it. I haven’t changed it yet. I’m human, and to be human means I’m not perfect. I am never going to be and thank goddess I stopped thinking that was the only way I would be valued.

Not that many years ago, I was a perfectionist. I would work really hard and try my best to be perfect. Be the perfect employee. Make the perfect life choices. Work until I got something perfect.

But I never got it. Trust me, I look for typos and even when I spent hours looking, I would miss them. Typos is also a symbol for everything in my life. One day I decided I was going to be happy instead of perfect. It was like a weight lifted and I could finally start enjoying my life instead of feeling like I had to wait until I was perfect. I decided to love myself even though I am far from perfect.

When I saw that comment I thought about running over and changing it, but I wanted to do something more fun. Then I remember thinking, “Remember when that comment would cause a sinking feeling in your stomach and you would feel like a failure for a couple days?” It’s really good not to have that feeling anymore, especially because if you’re that hard on yourself about the little things, like a typo the big things feel really, really bad.

This week alone I sent a $10,000 payment to the wrong credit card, and sent a wire that was short $1000 to purchase some real estate. The $10,000 went to an account that doesn’t even exist anymore. Seriously, I could have beaten myself up for days about that. My hunch is because I didn’t that the problem was relatively easy to solve. And shorting that wire is going to cost me another hour in the bank to send another wire, but that’s ok too.

Seriously, I could have beat myself up big time in the past week. The truth is, I could probably find reasons to beat myself up every single day, but that sucks. I’m glad I have chosen to be happy instead of perfect. I wish the same for you. Go easy on yourself today, tomorrow and always. It took practice to be able to let go of the things that I didn’t do perfect. Now that I have made a habit of it, it’s a lot easier.

Be really, really good to yourself today.


P.S. I totally adore the person who made the comment and I know she was just trying to help me out.

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Spiral Up LLC/Loving Yourself Univ/CassieParks.com
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Denver, CO
(720) 231-5213

Please note that the "Money, Money, Money" course gets offered at different times during the year. You can email Cassie about the course, "Manifest It Now" episodes, requests to interview her on your show, her book, and other services she offers.

Thank you, Cassie!

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