Friday, July 16, 2010

Healing and Arts Entreprenuer Update

THE REACH 4 FREEDOM: HEAL CHILD ABUSE MUSIC PROJECT and CREATOR'S PARROT CHANNEL on Blog Talk Radio are ENERGY GENERATORS for solutions to end child abuse that I created to help impact this global pandemic. Thanks to many of you, these projects are experiencing success as planned, hoped, dreamed, and intended. You are truly PARTNERS in their health and well-being.

Here are the latest achievements related to these two entities:

Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project
My song, ALL MY LIFE, is to be featured on the "Serve When Chilled" compilation album produced by Generation Me-X Entertainment, LLC. Independent record label/sound production company Generation Me-X Entertainment has selected "All My Life (Nu-Jazz, Briarus Remix)" as one of the tracks on their soon to be released new compilation album currently in production. The compilation titled, "Serve When Chilled," will feature lounge, deep house, lo-fi, nu-jazz, ambient, and bossa tracks written by independent music artists . . . Read More!

Creator's Parrot Channel
Creator's Parrot Channel on Blog Talk Radio closed out the first season of "Sunday Brunch: The First and Last Song" with close to 13,000 visitors! On January 17, 2010, the first episode of "Sunday Brunch: the First and Last Song" aired on Creator's Parrot channel on Blog Talk Radio. On June 27, 2010, the program had its season finale featuring Mexican-Chinese pianist Joel Juan Qui (classical/contemporary classical/soundtrack), Canadian pianist, trumpeter, composer Rudy Van Horne (Classical/Classical Contemporary/Easy Listening/New Standards), and guest co-host Barry Plaxen (Publisher, Delaware & Hudson Canvas newspaper in New York). Plans are to review the format and receive guidance about what's next while the series is on hiatus for the summer, and to explore advertiser, marketing and producer support to expand publicity for the program if it is to grow forward in the fall season . . . Read More!

Moving Forward . . .

Human angel support is on the way with YOU contacting me about becoming any of the following:

- An Associate Producer and Host for "The First and Last" series on Creator's Parrot Channel
- An Advertising, Marketing and Publicity guru for the Reach 4 Freedom Music Project
- An Advertising, Marketing and Publicity guru for the Creator's Parrot Channel
- A Creative Financing Wizard for Valerie Michele Oliver (Creator's Parrot) projects

Check back here for news about WHO has stepped forward. Well, one thing is for sure, the Archangels already have and it's great to have them act as an entourage! I'm so grateful.

NEW! A creative nonfiction book proposal is in the works as yet another social entrepreneur project to help fuel the others. Stay tuned here for developments and information on how you can become a partner or collaborator.

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