Monday, December 28, 2015

Guest Bloggers Results & Twitter News Updates

Stefanie Campione
As some of you may recall, I invited people to become guest bloggers for November. This was prompted by how I couldn't stop thinking about the number 12. Why it is so prevalent in our world was insistent in my consciousness: 12 Disciples, 12 Chumpis, 12 Seeds of Faith, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts, 12 Ideals, 12 Astrological Sun Signs, Angel Number 12, 12 __________ (fill in the blank).

An invitation to post on the topic was extended to some healers, coaches, wellness practitioners in my circle. I knew they are busy people in their careers, but hoped I would get a response. As it turned out, there were two guest bloggers who replied to my question: "What's Up, Twelve?" and one person who talked about a different topic: Perfectionism. Heartfelt thanks to the guest bloggers for taking time out of their schedules to post here.

Guest Blogger Posts Views (in order of interest per your views)

- What's Up Twelve? Numerology & the Number 12 (3) 
   by Stefanie Campione (261)
- I Am Definitely Not Perfect 
   by Cassie Parks (236)
- What's Up, Twelve?: Twelveness 
   by Eleanora Amendolara (178)


Cassie Parks
Some Results on Twitter for The Healing Artist Studio Project's Blog Posts News Features (Dec. 16 - Dec. 27)

- The Daily is out! Stories via

- The Spirituality Daily is out! Stories via

The Small Business Daily by iEntrepreneur is out! Stories via

- The Update is now live on Stories via

- Homelessness Awareness is out! Stories via  
Eleanora Amendolara
Twitter List Additions (Dec. 16 - Dec. 27)

- added you to list

- added you to list

- added you to list

- added you to list

- added you to list

added you to list

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Sincere thanks to all the folks on Twitter who have included The Healing Artist Studio Project posts in their online news magazines, added the Project to their lists, or who liked, re-tweeted, or made a post one of their favorites.   

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